What Does an Air Humidifier Do? 4 Ways to End Dry Air!

An air humidifier is a device used to humidify the dry air of any indoor space. As you know, some houses may be damp and humid, while some houses or indoor environments may have too dry air. It can be said that too dry air, like too much humidity, poses a risk to human health. Air humidifiers that increase the humidity of the air can be especially useful for people with respiratory problems and dry skin.

There are several ways to use humidifiers at home or in the office, but they come with some risks. So what are these risks? In this article you will learn in detail what a humidifier is for, its benefits, the risks, how to use it correctly and the precautions to take!

What Does an Air Humidifier Do? - shuayip.com
What Does an Air Humidifier Do? - shuayip.com

What Does an Air Humidifier Do?

What is an air humidifier?

Sıcak, kuru çöl iklimlerinde veya yapay olarak ısıtılan iç mekanlarda nemin düşmesi olağan bir şeydir. Kışın, özellikle dışarıdaki soğuk hava ev içerisinde ısıtılır ve nem oranı %10 ila 20’ye kadar düşebilir. Düşük nem oranı, burun ve boğaz astarı gibi mucosa can have negative health effects by drying out the membranes. For example, respiratory problems such as snoring while sleeping or difficulty breathing can occur.

In addition to human health, low humidity can also affect wooden furniture, causing it to shrink, loosen and crack. Objects such as books, paper and paintings can shrink, warp and become brittle in extremely dry weather. Static electricity is also often a problem in low humidity conditions. It can destroy semiconductor devices and cause dust and small particles to stubbornly stick to electrically charged surfaces.

Air humidifiers are designed to overcome all these problems. These devices, which can be used in all indoor areas such as homes and offices, help you protect both your health and your personal belongings. The benefits of air humidifiers can be increased; however, there are some things you should pay attention to when using air humidifiers.

Nemlendiricinin aşırı kullanımı, bağıl nem oranını aşırı seviyelere yükselterek toz akarları ve küf oluşumuna sebebiyet verebilir. Ayrıca aşırı duyarlılık pnömonisine, yani akciğer dokusunun iltihaplanmasına neden olabilir. Çoğu evde olması gereken bağıl nem oranı %30 ila %50’dir. Nem seviyelerini otomatik olarak izlemek ve kontrol etmek için uygun şekilde kurulmuş ve yerleştirilmiş bir higrostat kullanılmalı ve nem seviyesi sürekli olarak kontrol edilmelidir.

What Does an Air Humidifier Do? - shuayip.com
What Does Moisturizer Do? - shuayip.com

Ideal humidity levels

Nem, mevsimlere, hava durumuna ve evinizin konumuna göre değişiklik gösterir. Genel olarak, nem seviyeleri yaz aylarında daha yüksek ve kış aylarında ise daha düşüktür. İdeal olarak, evinizdeki nem %30 ile %50 arasında olmalıdır. Çok düşük veya çok yüksek nem sorunlara neden olabilir.

  • Low humidity: It can dry your skin, irritate your nasal passages, throat and make your eyes itchy.
  • High humidity: It can make your home feel stuffy and cause condensation on walls, floors and other surfaces. Condensation can trigger the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and molds. These allergens can cause respiratory problems and promote allergies and asthma.

Types of air humidifiers

Humidifiers are devices that release water vapor or plain steam to increase the level of moisture (humidity) in the air. The types of humidifiers are as follows:

  • Central humidifiers: Humidifiers installed in home heating and air conditioning systems. They are specially designed for humidifying homes. They are convenient devices because you do not need to refill the water supply, but they need to be maintained to prevent certain allergens from becoming airborne.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers: These devices produce cool air with ultrasonic vibrations. It uses super-fast vibrations to convert water into steam. They are efficient devices that work silently and are affordable in terms of price.
  • Impeller humidifiers: They have a disk that rotates at high speed and turns water into steam.
  • Evaporators Evaporatorare devices that use a fan to blow air through a wet wick, filter or belt.
  • Water vaporizers: It uses electricity to create cold steam. If you have children, it is better to stay away from this type of humidifier. Because the hot water in this type of humidifier can cause burns when spilled.
Air Humidifier - shuayip.com
What Does Moisturizer Do? - shuayip.com

Things to consider when using an air humidifier

Air humidifiers, although useful and convenient in many ways, lose their functionality if they are not kept clean and well maintained. And they can even harm human health. Air humidifiers are therefore not without risks. An unmaintained humidifier is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

If this happens, the breeding and multiplying bacteria are sent into the air by the humidifier. This means you can breathe in bacteria and mold. The same applies to the small minerals in bottled or tap water.

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