Arçelik 274580 EDI No Frost Refrigerator

Nowadays, many people pay more attention to kitchen decoration and want the white goods they buy to look stylish. Arçelik brand aims to keep your food fresh and appeal to your aesthetic taste with the black refrigerator model it has produced with years of experience. Today, I have examined all the features of the 274580 EDI No Frost refrigerator for you in detail. Be sure to check out our article before going shopping.


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Arçelik no frost buzdolabı

Basic Information About Arçelik 274580 Refrigerator

You are thinking of buying a stylish and functional white goods, but unfortunately you cannot find an alternative model suitable for the decoration of your kitchen? Today, the classic products produced by many brands do not appeal to some people's taste.

People who want to complete the decoration of their kitchen with dark colored products and at the same time buy a product with superior features are forced to turn to alternative models. The product I will tell you today is such an alternative option.

This product, which has won the hearts of those looking for a different product with its color called "Dark Inox", also has new generation technological features. Since it has a large volume, it is suitable for large families and couples living with two people.

This product, which allows our food to be consumed much longer thanks to VitaminZone and FullFresh technologies, has two doors. Although its price varies depending on different sales channels, it has a sticker price of approximately 9,500 lira.

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When we look at the features of the product in detail, the first thing that catches our eye is its new generation technological systems. It surpasses similar models because it keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer depending on the day cycle. Since fruits and vegetables do not lose their vitamin value, we can continue to consume them with peace of mind for a long time.

Another technological feature is that it can provide ideal humidity control with its air ducts and crisper design. In this way, it creates suitable storage conditions on its own and keeps vegetables and fruits as good as the first day for up to thirty days. We can say that it preserves different foods in the same way without losing their nutritional value.

These two special technological systems developed by the brand imitate the natural cycle of sunlight. Thus, the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator do not even lose their lively appearance. This product is mostly preferred by families with children, as it can preserve its vitamin values for a longer time.

The humidity control feature in the vegetable rack design and the air channels between the shelves delay food spoilage and staleness. This way, nothing we place becomes moldy in a short time. The quick-freezing feature of the freezer ensures that all the foods you want to preserve are preserved without losing their nutritional value.

You can place your cheeses, foods you buy from the delicatessen, and all the foods you may consume in the morning, in the breakfast compartment inside the product. Thus, these foods are preserved specifically for their own conditions.

HomeWhiz technology in this product helps you control your smart system remotely if you have one at home. You can operate all your devices with Wireless Network Connection with your mobile phone and tablet and get information about their current status.

The CoolPlus feature reduces the risk of food freezing and also prevents their odors from mixing. Although our product has faster cooling and freezing features, it operates much quieter than similar models.

Technical details

When we look at the technical details of the product, we see that its dimensions in terms of depth, width and height are 75.5, 74 and 186 centimeters.

The freezer section is located at the bottom. Total volume is 580 liters. It has two doors, upper and lower.

It has an electronic control system and indicators. It can work in economic mode. Vacation mode is also available.

There are LED lights on the sides. The two-drawer freezer is quite spacious. It has a quick freezing feature.

It weighs 101 kilograms and its daily energy consumption is also quite low.

User comments

People who buy and use this product state that they are generally very satisfied with it.

As far as we understand from user comments, it may be a little louder the first day you start it, but this situation improves afterwards.

It has a stylish design that will suit the kitchen very well, and this makes people who like innovative products enjoy using this refrigerator.

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