Juniper Tar Soap: 1001 Healing Soap

What is Juniper Tar Soap?

This soap, which contains completely natural ingredients, is produced from tar. People have used this soap for many ailments, especially skin problems, since the past. The skin problems it is beneficial for are especially acne and eczema. It is dark brown and has an aromatic odor. It is also frequently used in alternative medicine.

What are the Benefits of Juniper Tar Soap?

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Heals skin problems

Oiliness and pore blockages on our skin prevent our skin from breathing. Juniper soap, used to clean and nourish the skin, is known to improve skin problems such as acne and acne. If you clean and care for your skin regularly, this product is for you. It also has the ability to clean dark spots on the skin. It prevents acne that occurs as a result of oily skin by cleansing the skin. This product, which has been used in alternative medicine since the past, has been one of the first preferred products in the treatment of severe skin diseases such as eczema, scabies and psoriasis. It is also known to have a healing effect on fungal diseases. Moreover antiseptic Due to its properties, it protects you from harmful microorganisms on the skin and their bad effects, and is especially used to eliminate foot odor. It is also known that it is good for sunspots.

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Improves hair and scalp problems

This product, which has many benefits, also has great benefits for hair and scalp. It is used as shampoo, hair mask and hair cure. If you want to have healthy and strong hair, you can benefit from this product. It is especially beneficial to hair follicles and thus minimizes hair loss. It also has beneficial effects on ringworm. Hair follicles renew their cells. It provides natural shine and vitality to the hair and also cleans your hair and scalp deeply with its antiseptic properties. It is recommended to solve the lice problem experienced by school-going children. It also easily overcomes dandruff problems.

How to Use Juniper Tar Soap?

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All you have to do to apply it to any part of your body is to lather it. Apply the lathered soap to your face, hair and scalp by massaging it in circular motions. Then, rinsing with plenty of water after 2-3 minutes will be sufficient. If you want, you can use it as a face mask by lathering it with less water and applying the same movements. When you are finished, you can rinse it with plenty of water and store it in a dry place. It is also suitable for daily use and does not cause any harm.

Does Juniper Tar Soap Have Side Effects?

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It has no side effects or harm, but if you have an allergic body, your body may rarely show allergic reactions. Likewise, if you are taking medication for any disease, it is useful to consult your doctor before use. Excessive use may cause itching on sensitive skin. It is generally appropriate to use it once or twice a day. You should also avoid eye contact. Apart from such situations, you can use it easily. Additionally, if stored in a dry place, it can remain intact for years and cause no problems.

Is Juniper Tar Soap Recommended?

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American doctors have made it available to American soldiers for years because it has an antiseptic effect and eliminates inflammation on the skin. It has been used especially to reduce the infection caused by insect bites. It probably has a repellent effect on insects and flies thanks to the substances it contains. Dermatologists recommend its use for severe problems such as dermatitis and skin burns. You can use it easily because it does not contain any perfume or chemicals.

Does it dry the skin?

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Since bar soaps generally dry the skin, people use shower gels. However, this product does not have such an effect because it contains natural ingredients. It does not contain any paraben or chemicals like other products. Products such as olive oil and cocoa butter that are usually added prevent it from having a drying effect.

What are the Types of Juniper Soap?

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You can find types containing sulfur, olive oil and cocoa butter. In addition, olive oil has many benefits for the skin and acts as a natural moisturizer. Sulfur kills bacteria because it has antiseptic properties. Instead of choosing products containing pure tar, choosing products containing castor oil, cocoa butter or olive oil will prevent pure tar from drying your skin.

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