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Arzum With the Foodie modern lunchbox, it is now easy to consume home-cooked food everywhere! From past to present, it is among the preferred products for those who want to eat healthy both at school and at work. Before Covid-19 entered our lives, we often preferred lunch boxes when we wanted to eat healthy. Especially diet and sport When I started, there was no place around me that sold healthy food, so it was becoming quite difficult for me to eat out. There were also limited cold foods that I could take from home to work, so after a while, thinking about food to take to work became a tedious process for me.

Immediately afterwards, with the onset of Covid-19 disease, many of us, including me, went in search of a quality lunch box. I can say that Arzum Foodie came to the rescue of many of us, including me, both for those who want to eat fresh food from home and for those who do not want to consume food from outside.

Although I will review the product in detail, in general terms, I can say that it meets the expectations of many people. The product's ability to cook eggs and rice was among the features that I liked the most. In some places, it is written that you can also boil vegetables with this product, but since the cooking time of hard vegetables is very long, I do not know how much Arzum Foodie can help us at this point.

Arzum Foodie
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We can say that Arzum Foodie is a new generation of electric lunch box. It also has egg and rice cooking features. Thanks to the three containers inside, you can carry three different meals with you. The box comes with the parts I mentioned below:

  • One liter food container
  • 0.65 liter food container
  • Dinner plate
  • 3 vacuum caps
  • Two lids in total, one with an egg-making feature and one outer lid
  • Electrical power cable
  • Water measuring cup
  • The main body (motor) that forms the base of the product and heats the food
  • Vacuuming apparatus
  • Finally, a cloth carrying bag that allows you to carry the product easily

The product works by adding the amount of water specified in the manual to the main body. You are asked to add 60 ml of water to heat one container of food and 150 ml of water to heat 2-3 containers of food. If you add more than 150 ml of water, the product automatically stops working and asks you to reduce the water. To make rice pilaf, you need to add 100 ml of water to half a cup of rice, and 45 ml of water to the body to make eggs for 4 people.

If you want to heat all the pots at the same time, you need to increase the heating time by 5-10 minutes. Since it takes longer for the heat to reach the top layer, your heating time automatically increases. Even if this is a downside for some users, I don't think it is a major problem.

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If you preheat the first food you will consume, such as soup, and heat the other dishes while you consume it, you will not have a problem in terms of time. However, if you have time, you can also heat all the dishes at the same time. It is also useful to warn you before you start heating the dishes, we should never use the lids that we use to carry the dishes during heating. Otherwise, like me, you might end up making a big mistake!

However, I think I should make another warning: when the food container is taken out, it gets very hot. After you open the lid, you can guess how hot the containers are by the smoke that smokes on them. I still want to warn you not to touch the top lid and the food container with your bare hands. Make sure you have a cloth or napkin with you when you take the containers out, you can burn your hand if you try to touch the containers with your bare hands. I would also advise you not to touch the top container and to warn others around you, because the top container is also very hot.

When it comes to making rice pilaf with Arzum Foodie, it is actually quite easy to make rice pilaf with this product. All you need to do is to put rice and water in the food container according to the amount of people! If you don't like the consistency of the rice, for example if the rice is too hard, you can add more water or if you think it is too mushy, you should reduce the water.

We could not finish explaining the functions of this product, but I would like to talk briefly about making eggs with Arzum Foodie. If you have used classic egg boilers before, I think you will use this product very easily. Egg boilers have a small needle under the water measuring cup and you need to pierce the end of the egg with this needle. You need to do the same when boiling eggs with Foodie. After piercing, you close the lid and wait for the egg to cook. But remember, if you skip the piercing, the egg will either not cook or the shell will crack.

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Arzum Foodie Review

The first problem I noticed about Arzum Foodie was that it was a bit big in size. I doubt that someone who has to use public transportation every day and walk long distances with Foodie in hand would want to carry Foodie every day. If the product was more minimal and easy to carry, it would be less of a burden for someone like me who goes everywhere with a computer and tablet. For now, I think the best solution to this problem would be to use the product as a single layer, not in two layers. However, for those who want hot food at work/school, Arzum Foodie, Turkey's first electric lunchbox, seems like a good option.

To start with the heating feature, which is the most curious feature, I would say that they are quite successful in this regard. If you don't keep the food inside for the required time, it won't get hot enough and you will start to think that the problem is with the product. However, if you put enough water inside the product and keep it inside for the average time stated in the manual, your food will reach the desired temperature.

I can easily say that the food container and plate are big enough. There is enough space for main course, side dish, salad or dessert. If you put 1-liter bottom container and the perforated container above it with not too watery dishes and liquid foods such as soup in the top container, I can say that it does not mix with other dishes and does not leak. If watery foods are placed in the perforated container, it may leak from the edges during travel. This leakage does not overflow out of Arzum Foodie, but it causes the food to mix with each other.

Another feature of the food container and plate that I both like and think could be improved is the vacuum feature, I like the fact that the containers can be sealed tightly with vacuum. However, the fact that you need an additional apparatus to vacuum seal the container means an extra burden during transportation. I would have been happier if there was a different design for this. That way, I wouldn't feel the need to carry the vacuum sealer with me in case I couldn't finish my food and took it back home.  

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One of the things that didn't meet my and other users' expectations was the lack of a cutlery compartment. The egg tray and the outer container are quite large, so there is actually space inside for cutlery. I was not very happy that I had to allocate a separate space for cutlery instead of making use of this space, and I think that if Arzum wants to release a different electric lunch box, they will definitely include such a space in the product.

I would also like to point out that our electric travel bowl works with a cable, not a charger. For me, there is not much difference between wired or charged, but it can be a negative feature for those who want to use it while traveling. For this reason, it is useful to remind that it is wired before purchasing the product.

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