Gift Flower Suggestions: 5 Practical Information That Will Make Your Loved Ones Happy!

People in our country and around the world receive millions of bouquets of flowers as gifts every year. Sales explode on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Holidays, but the number of people who buy flowers throughout the year is quite high. We can always buy flowers for our sick relatives, loved ones, spouses and friends and make them happy. In today's article, I have compiled practical information that will make your choice easier. Be sure to check out our article before sending a flower gift to one of your loved ones or a relative!


  • Basic knowledge
  • Symbolic Meanings
  • What should be sent to whom?
  • Extra Details
  • Personal Assessment

Gift flower suggestions
Practical information

Basic knowledge

Buying specially made bouquets or potted flowers always makes our loved ones happy. We can make such a gesture to say thank you, to apologize, or just because we feel like it. But of course, there are some tips to consider when making your choice.

Although most people do not know, plants have different meanings. For example, we must pay attention to our level of closeness when making a choice. If the person we send is someone closer to us, someone we love very much, we can send them alternatives that will express our love as we feel like.

But if we are going to buy it for someone from the office or send it to an acquaintance who is sick, then the alternative we choose should be much simpler. Also, if the person we buy it from is a friend, we can choose light tones. If we are going to buy it for the person we love, we can choose dark red colors.

Symbolic Meanings of Gift Flowers

Knowing the symbolic meanings can help us when making choices in such situations. Because even if the other person does not know it, these meanings appeal to that person's subconscious.

Roses, as everyone has known for many years, mean I love you. Roses, symbolizing true love and romance, are among the best sellers. But red tones should be preferred to express love.

When the colors are white, pink, red and yellow, it means more gratitude. If we want to thank anyone, the best way would be to make such a choice.

Orchid is the most elegant alternative to choose from. Orchids, which are the most preferred by kind, generous and calm people, are generally suitable for buying for your newly engaged person, mother-in-law or teacher.

When we move on to tulips, we see that they symbolize joy. When there is a celebration or something beautiful happens, we can immediately embrace tulips and buy them.

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Practical information

What should be sent to whom?

Now that we have examined in detail the symbolic meanings and the choices to be made according to color tones, we can now move on to the topic of what should be sent to whom. Thanks to this practical information, you will no longer have any difficulty in choosing.

Alternatives for the Person You Fall in Love with

If you want to buy something like this for your loved one, your spouse, the person you are in love with, then all you have to do is very simple, first think about their tastes and then turn to classic options. For example, the most romantic choice would be to buy roses, otherwise, if you are buying one for your home, perhaps you can choose a small violet or succulent in a pot.

To Your Relatives and Family Members

The best options to send to the hospital and your relatives' home are orchids, tulips, lilies and carnations. In fact, all of these generally express sincerity, sincerity, love and friendly feelings.

If you have to make a choice, regardless of the subject, you can choose to use your choice this way. If you cannot afford such alternatives, the only thing you need to do is to turn to natural options.

Extra Details

Apart from these options, I would like to tell you about two different alternatives as a bonus. These are hydrangeas and daisies. There is almost no one who would not like these. Therefore, if you want a potted version, you can buy hydrangea, or if you want a nice natural bouquet, you can buy daisies.

The most important point to consider when making a choice in this regard is to know the person in front of you and understand what their expectations are. You can have different bouquets prepared for people who do not like the classics, and for those who want to take up a new hobby, you can have them buy a potted violet and place it in any corner of their home.

Finally, when you need to choose an alternative for special occasions and anniversaries, make sure you do not choose the same things too often. Keep in mind that there are alternatives such as bonsai, cactus or bamboo.

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