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As we all know, our pets need as much care as we do. We need to be careful about their cleanliness both to protect their health and to eliminate risks that may pose a danger to us.

Previously in my writing As I mentioned, washing is one of the most important aspects of dog care. We need to buy the right materials and apply the appropriate methods to clean them without harming them.

As much as cats hate water, it can be completely different with dogs. Some breeds Even if they don't like water very much, research shows that most dogs love water, swimming and bathing.

We need to make this process more enjoyable for both ourselves and our pets. Of course, the cleaning products we use to bathe them are our own. our materials It's not like that. We need to obtain shampoos developed in accordance with their skin structure and apply them according to the instructions for use.

And I'm writing for you today dogs I wanted to compile a list of quality shampoos that will be good for your skin. You can take a look at the alternatives I have examined in detail and make a suitable choice for your little friend.

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Choose the Right Shampoo

Shampoo Recommendations to Make Dogs Happy

1. Beaphar Premium (Protector of Skin and Coat Health)

This product has a special ingredient to prevent damage to your little friend's skin tissue. Since their body structure is different from ours, you can choose to use such a product and thus protect their skin and coat health.

If your pet has long hair that is washed more frequently in the summer, if there are periods of skin sensitivity and if you want his hair to be shiny, the Beaphar brand is for you. This product with strawberry flavor and pH value suitable for the hair structure will be very good for your pet.

2. Green Fields Soothe Away Balm

This product, which is specially produced to prevent problems such as drying and wear and tear on the skin of dogs, is also designed according to their body structure.

In the product description, which states that rashes may occur on their skin if they are bathed too often because they do not have sweat glands, information is also given about how often your pet should live.

You can easily use this product for animals with sensitive skin. In addition, if your pet friend has itching, washing it with this product will greatly relieve its skin.

3. Tropiclean Medicated Oatmeal and Tea Tree

Both you and your pet will love this product because it has a nice smelling, foaming texture due to its oatmeal and tea tree ingredients. You can use this product without diluting it as it is not concentrated, which will turn the washing process into a fun game.

After adjusting the water temperature appropriately, you can apply a small amount of the product. You will see that your pet's skin is much softer after bathing. Finally, it is worth remembering that this product prevents the formation of fungus.

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Skin Soothing Formula

4. Biopetactive Natural Honey

Thanks to its natural formula, we can say that this product has a very reliable content. For your little friend to have more fun while bathing, you can take some of this product and clean his body by lathering his fur and massaging him.

If you massage him like this, his blood circulation will also speed up and oxygen will get to all his cells. Also, if your pet has long hair, you will notice that it is much easier to comb after washing with this product.

5. Pippet

Since this product contains one hundred percent probiotics, it can be applied two or three times to the dog's body during washing. This product, which is especially suitable for use in large breeds, can also be applied when your dog gets more dirty.

When you bathe him, make sure that his whole body is completely clean and don't forget to rinse him thoroughly. Another important feature of this product is that it is also completely safe for children. If you are going to bathe your dog with your children, you can easily use this product.

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Turn Washing into a Game

6. Vital Veto (Purifying)

The most important feature that distinguishes this product from others chlorhexidine and thyme extracts. Thanks to these ingredients, it completely cleans and purifies the dog's coat and at the same time makes the coat soft.

It also helps to maintain skin health by killing all harmful bacteria on the dog's skin. You can choose to use this product especially in the summer months and get rid of the negative effects of parasites such as lice, fleas and ticks.

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