Best Colognes: Check Out the Best-Selling Products of the Pandemic Era!

Unfortunately, the corona epidemic, which started in 2019, has not ended yet despite all the time that has passed. Increasing cases with each passing season continue to bother us. Again, as we enter winter, we learn that more people are sick. This causes the sales of cologne and disinfectant to increase significantly. Today I wanted to compile the best smelling colognes for you. You can use these products to ensure your hygiene and kill viruses during the pandemic.

Favorite colognes
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Most Popular Cologne Brands


First on our list is a brand that is known for its different scents and is very popular. Rebul, which is among the most preferred ones today, is also known as the company that produced the first cologne in the history of the republic.

The brand, which is famous for its lavender products, also has very high quality versions with wonderful scents. I definitely recommend these products that you can use to clean your hands and smell nice at the same time. But I think you'll like the lavender version the most.

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Our second product is the cologne of the Duru brand. It is among the best-selling products in our country with its intense lemon scent. It also has different scents such as ocean and tangerine. If you want to use it for cleaning, you can transfer it to a spray bottle and squeeze it. Or, if you want to relax with a fresh scent, you can try applying it to your neck.

We can also say that, unlike the Rebul brand, the products produced by the company are quite economical. If you choose larger packages, you can use it for a long time. One liter bottles are also available. It can be easily found in chain stores.

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Eyüp Sabri Tuncer

It is also possible to find the products of the brand, which has main sales stores in big cities such as Istanbul, in the cosmetic sections of various markets. These products, sold in large bottles, also include wipes.

The scents of the brand, which is especially famous for its hygienic wipes that smell the same as its products, are very lasting. We can say that it is almost as intense and effective as a perfume. People who like scents like ocean breeze can use it with pleasure.

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Eyüp Sabri Tuncer


The products of this brand, which is at the top of the best-selling list in our country, can be found in many different places. It appeals to everyone's taste with its economical products and easy transportation.

You can use it for a long time by purchasing it in one liter plastic packaging and placing it in small bottles. We can also say that the brand, whose sales have increased significantly with the coronavirus recently, has an important place in the industry.

If you want an intense and pleasant lemon scent, if you are going to use it for disinfection purposes and if you prefer a budget-friendly product, it is definitely worth taking a look.

Things to pay attention

Now that we have taken a look at the best-selling and most popular products in our country, let's talk about some basic information. When choosing, only the smell and price of the product cannot be a criterion. You should also pay attention to the type of alcohol it contains, the amount of alcohol it contains, and other ingredients. Otherwise, even if you use it as a disinfectant, it will not work and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

When we look at the type of alcohol in colognes, we see that it is ethyl alcohol. However, unfortunately, some manufacturers use methyl alcohol to reduce costs. This leads to the emergence of a product that can seriously harm human health. If you choose the products of large and reliable companies, such as the brands we have just recommended, you will not have any problems in this regard.

In addition to the type of alcohol, the amount is also very important. Various types of alcohol are available, including sixty, seventy and eighty proof. Some manufacturers may resort to some cunning tricks at this point in order to reduce costs. We can say that the higher the amount of alcohol in a cologne, the higher quality and more effective the product.

Especially if you are buying it to use as a disinfectant during the corona period, you should make sure that the amount of alcohol is high. It is also useful to make sure that it has passed dermatological tests. Otherwise, allergic reactions may occur. Finally, when purchasing, you should pay attention to whether you prefer glass or plastic bottles.

Since products sold in plastic bottles are exposed to some heat, chemicals may be mixed into the cologne. If you are sensitive about this issue, be sure to buy products in glass bottles.

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