Fisher Price Luxury High Chair: Detailed Review in 8 Items

During the transition to solid food, babies definitely need a high quality and functional high chair. It doesn't matter if you are a new mother or still pregnant, when you have questions about this issue in your mind, you immediately start researching and make choices according to your budget. In today's article, I wanted to prepare an article that will make your job easier. I examined the Fisher Price Lux high chair, which is both an economical and functional option, in detail.


  • Basic knowledge
  • Things to Consider
  • Examination
  • User comments
Fisher Price high chair detailed product review

Basic knowledge

We can say that chairs with tray attachments, which are among the best-selling baby products, also play an important role in the feeding routine. When your baby has an area where he feels comfortable and safe at mealtime, things will be easier and his feeding pattern will begin to settle.

In this respect, we can say that this product produced by the Fisher Price brand is quite suitable. Since it has a capacity of fifteen kilograms, it can be used comfortably for a long time. You can start using it at your baby's sixth month and continue using it until the end of the age of three or even the middle of the age of four.

Things to Consider

We will examine the features of our product in more detail shortly, but now let's see if it meets our overall criteria.

First of all, when buying such a product, you need to make sure that it is balanced and suitable for safety. It is also very important that the back support is wide enough.

After making sure that your baby will be comfortable, you should also check the quality of the pillow fabric. Because all parts of the product must be both washable and risk-free in terms of health.

The fact that it takes up little space and is light is also one of the criteria that should be taken into consideration because it will not be practical if it covers a large area of the house. Also, if it is heavy, it can only be used where you put it.

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Fisher Price High Chair Detailed Review

When we look at the features of our product in detail, we first encounter its economical price and functionality. It is a very high quality product. We can also say that for a while it was sold at much cheaper prices in chain markets such as A101.

You can currently find the product wherever baby supplies are sold. The price is around 300 lira. However, if it comes to chain markets, the promotional price may drop to 250 liras. Its height can be adjusted to six different levels. This provides great convenience in general.

Similarly, the backrest can be adjusted in three different levels. The five-point seat belt is really safe. This provides freedom for active babies and helps mothers continue their lives without worrying.

The specially produced seat fabric will provide great comfort to both you and your baby during meal times because even if something spills, you will not have any questions in your mind as it is easily cleaned.

Since the tray distance of the table is adjusted according to the baby, you can be sure that he will not have any difficulties while eating. It also has the feature of being removable. So you don't need to just wipe it when it gets very dirty. If you want, you can remove it and hold it under water.

Another striking feature is that it is wheeled and foldable. Thus, it provides you with great convenience. If you want, you can fold it, close it and put it away. If you want, you can move it to another place with its wheels. So it doesn't take up much space.

You will not have any concerns about safety as it has holders on its feet for slippery surfaces. You will not have any problems with our product even during your baby's most active moments.

User comments

In the comments of people who use the product, we see that everyone generally states that it is very safe, practical and economical. Although some people say they had trouble installing it, most users say they managed to install it easily.

Users who were very indecisive about such products and also searched for expensive models say that they do not regret buying this affordable, high quality and functional product. If you are looking for such a product that is budget-friendly, safe and will provide long-term use, you can buy it without hesitation.

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