Gratis Weekend Sale: Don't Miss Dozens of Cheap Products!

Gratis, one of Turkey's leading and most popular personal care and cosmetics chains, manages to be talked about a lot with the discounts it offers from time to time. Although most of its stores remained closed for a while during the pandemic, it did not let its sales decrease with the special campaigns it organized online. When the branches reopened after the ban ended, many people flocked to Gratis stores. While the discounts in different categories continue, great news came for this weekend. The legendary discounts, which will start online at 22:00 on October 1st, will end on Monday, October 3rd. If you want to shop with a 50 percent discount with your Gratis card, do not miss this opportunity. All the details about the campaign are in our article…

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Basic knowledge

One of the most important reasons why the store is so loved is that it always works with the highest quality and familiar brands. It also sells products that do not conduct animal testing, and it also caters to people who prefer vegan and plant-based products.

It is very popular all over the country because it serves various expectations in different categories. According to the statements made in the past weeks, with the opening of the Hakkari branch of the store, the company has spread to 81 provinces. Thus, many more people will now be able to shop from these stores.

The brand, which set out with the slogan "Pamper Yourself", claims that every woman should be well-groomed and beautiful. It offers high-level service in terms of personal care with more than five hundred stores. It attracts more people with its special campaigns almost every week.

Gratis Card Advantages

If you want to benefit from these campaigns and pay less for a certain amount of purchases, you must use the store's own card. With this card, you can also accumulate points and then use them as you wish.

The store, which provides customers with the original prices of the products in its monthly catalogs published online or in print, reduces the label prices by up to half in its campaigns. In this case, people who want to shop with cards and take advantage of these opportunities attack the shelves of the store.

To talk about exactly what advantage this card has, we can say that one lira is loaded for every hundred points. Apart from this, you can also benefit from extra campaigns during periods such as Holidays, Mother's Day and Summer Vacation.

Gratis hafta sonu indirimleri


Now let's talk about the products that dropped to half of their tag prices this week. First of all, we can say that the prices of imported and local concealers, eye shadows, mascaras, creams and facial cleansers in the store will drop significantly.

Hair and skin care products sold in stores will also be much cheaper. We can say that there is a serious campaign in soaps, detergents and women's products. Let's look at some brands and give examples.

Tüm Hada Labo Tokyo Ürünlerinde %40 Daha Az Öde!

  • Intensive Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Gel: 87.50 lira
  • Eye and Mouth Cream: 74 lira
  • Smoothing Day and Night Cream: 90.25

Tüm Simple, Neutrogena, Sebamed ve Otacı Ürünlerinde %50 Daha Az Öde!

  • Simple Daily Skin Detox Sauce Mattifying Gel: 27.50 lira
  • Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel: 53 lira
  • Ziaja Lifting Solution and Tightening Cream: 55 lira
  • Benri Makeup Removal Wipes: 4.75

Tüm Pantene ve Fa Ürünlerinde %50 Daha Az Öde!

  • Fa Soft and Control Women's Deodorant: 22 lira
  • Pantene Aqualight Hair Care Cream: 14.75

Tüm Evcil Hayvan Ürünlerinde %40 Daha Az Öde!

  • Dreamies Chicken Cat Treat: 5.25
  • Whiskas Chicken Cat Wet Food: 2.75
  • Pedigree Dog Wet Food: 3.25

Tüm Makyaj Ürünlerinde %50 Daha Az Öde!

  • Golden Rose Matte Lipstick: 41.75
  • The Balm Mad Lash Mascara: 69 lira
  • Beaulis Lift It Mascara: 19 lira
  • The Balm Mary Loun Manizer Illuminator: 101.25

Extra Products

  • Piranha Wireless In-Ear Headphones: 59.75
  • Philips 10.00 mAH Powerbank: 79.75

Personal Assessment

The products of this company, whose campaigns we all follow with pleasure, truly appeal to every taste. If you do not miss the campaign periods of the store, which meets the expectations of many different people, you can buy the most popular and well-known products at a very low price. Since the stores will only be more crowded, the products may be sold out if you do not hurry. If you are afraid of such a situation, you can shop online as of 22:00 on October 1.

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