Common Diseases in Flowers: 5 Practical Treatment Methods

We love our flowers and take good care of them, but unfortunately, sometimes no matter what we do, we can't prevent them from getting sick. In this case, even if we give them fertilizer, it may not work because each disease has a different treatment method. If you are looking for practical ways to easily solve the problems that threaten the plants in our home, don't worry, in today's article I will tell you about the details of the diseases seen in flowers and how to eliminate these problems.

Diseases seen in flowers

  • Blackheads
  • Powdery mildew
  • Mold growth
  • Flour Bit
  • Root Burn

Diseases of flowers
Practical information

What We Can Do To Prevent Diseases

Before I talk about the details of common problems with flowers, I wanted to explain why such situations arise. In fact, it is our mistakes that are behind the wilting or deterioration of the plants in our homes.

First of all, let us tell you what criteria you should look for to know if your flower is sick. If your plant's leaves turn yellow, it no longer blooms, its stems and roots are covered with sticky substances or small insects, then there is a serious problem.


When we look at the steps you can take to prevent such situations, it is necessary to draw attention to the issue of sunlight. If you don't make sure that your plant gets enough light, problems can occur. Therefore, you should not leave it in the dark. It doesn't need direct light, which can cause various problems. But make sure that it gets enough light and that it is in a bright place.


If you water your plant all the time, it is impossible not to have problems. After a while, the roots and leaves may rot and parasites may appear on them. For this reason, you should know enough about care and consider that each plant has its own characteristics. This way you can prevent problems before they occur.


Where plants are placed is more important than you think. If you place them in the wrong place, you can even prevent them from blooming. Therefore, you should not place them in doorways, on windowsills or underfoot. Also be careful not to move it too often so that it doesn't become unhappy.


The last thing to mention is the soil. For a plant to be happy, its soil should not be airless, compacted or lacking in nutrients. You should give it nutrients at regular intervals, use fertilizers when you make them at home and aerate the soil.

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Practical information

Disease and Treatment Methods

Black Spot

Cause: The cause of this problem is overwatering. Especially in plants such as roses, this problem is caused by humidity. If the leaves of your plant are always moist, black spots will appear on them.

Solution: To solve this problem, you need to be careful to water your plants enough so that they don't dry out. The problem will be solved when you start applying the right method of watering, but if you want to speed it up, you can consider placing it in a place where it will get air and light.

Powdery mildew

Causes Although the cause of this problem is not known exactly, it is possible to state that fungal growth has started on your plant due to maintenance errors. It is common in plants such as snapdragon, verbena and bergamot. It is the most common problem in houseplants.

Solution: Natural methods don't work very well to solve this problem. If you don't want it to spread further, buy a fungicide spray. Also, do not leave the leaves wet.

Mold growth

Causes: It is one of the most common problems. It starts when the weather gets cooler. It occurs especially in September. White spots appear on the leaves and soil of the plant. It also looks like rot.

Solution: To solve this problem, moldy leaves need to be cleaned immediately. You can use suitable cleaning sprays. You should stop overwatering and put the flower in an airy place. If the roots are not cramped, the problem will soon pass.

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Practical information

Flour Bit

Causes: It is one of the most annoying problems for women because there is a possibility that small insects that appear on the plant can spread around. However, you don't have to get rid of your plant just because something like this has happened. Another name for this problem is thrush. It is very common in plants such as cloves.

Solution: Clean your plant with cotton wool when you encounter this problem. If you want to use chemical products and solve the problem at the root BasudinDDVP, Supracide, Korthion and Malathion.

Root Burn

Cause: It is a problem caused by the rotting of the seeds. It is very annoying because the seeds rot directly.

Solution: This problem can be quite difficult to solve. If you do not want to have this kind of problem, you should disinfect the seed you are going to plant and plant it in the soil.

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