Why and How Do We Learn English?

As you know, one of the needs of the developing world and our country is English. But it no longer has its place and former prestige in job interviews. From where? Because English is no longer a competence or success, this language is a necessity in the business world. We see this language everywhere, from technology to sports, from medicine to education, from our daily lives to the business world. So, how do we learn this language? With simple word cards available in the market? With sets that can teach us English just by listening to it while we sleep at night? Or will the "series and music" that everyone is talking about teach us English?

İngilizce Öğrenmek

Unfortunately no. Accessing any information is not that easy. So, how soon can we learn? 2 months, 3 years, 10 years or never? We
When did we learn our own language? Are we still learning? Are we learning new Turkish words? Yes. Education is not an event but a lifelong process. We cannot learn this language overnight. We can learn through a process.

Most Importantly: Patience

For this reason, the first thing we need to learn a language is: Patience. As I said, a language cannot be learned overnight, we cannot say "I know" when we know all the tenses or skip the tenses. Language is a process that requires lifelong learning.

Sabır ve İngilizce

Especially if there is no one around us who speaks this language,
If we do not have an environment and are not exposed to this language, unfortunately our learning process will take longer.

Since we are a hasty society, we want to learn immediately and jump to conclusions. However, no learning process occurs this quickly, and if it does, it is not learning but memorization. Memorizing is not part of education either. The aim of education is to achieve permanent behavioral change in the individual. To achieve this permanent behavioral change, patience is the first and foremost priority.
is our need.

We Must Have a Goal

Our second need is the target. Why do I want to learn? It could be for an exam, to be able to talk to strangers, to pass exams, or even to watch movies without subtitles. Where do I want to get to?

We Must Have a Goal

Yes, I want to learn English, but why? The individual should be able to ask and answer these questions to himself. We cannot learn this language by taking tests one day, speaking one day, and reading the other day. If we are studying for an exam such as YDS, we cannot take speaking lessons. If we have determined our goal, let's move on to our third need.

We must draw our path according to the goal we have determined.

Our third need is the path that will help us achieve this goal. If my goal is an exam; I must learn to solve questions. If my goal is to be able to speak; I need to study words and improve my ability to form sentences.

Yolumuz İngilizce

If my goal is to pass the exams, I must proceed according to the curriculum. If my goal is to be able to watch movies without subtitles, I must gain ear familiarity. If my goal is to be able to speak English, I cannot do this by solving questions. If I don't have a goal, there will be no place to reach at the end of my journey. If I don't have a path, I can't reach my goal. If I don't have patience, I can neither achieve my goal nor progress on that path. You can start your lifelong learning process with patience, goal and the right path.

These are the basic information I can give you in the first place. If you follow a path where you stay true to these three items, I have no doubt that you will succeed, you can!

See you in my next article. Stay with love!

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