Philips Hue Smart Bulb: Review in 5 Steps with Bluetooth and Bridge Option

In this period when smart systems are increasingly included in our lives, lighting technologies have also started to develop. New generation bulbs that can be controlled via Bluetooth or ethernet connection give our homes a completely different atmosphere. Today, I have reviewed Philips' Hue bulbs for you. Let's see what these systems with two different options and various features offer us.

Philips Hue Basics

  • This lighting model aims to change our daily lives by automating the lights so that everyone has their own private space in the house. Working with Bluetooth or Hue Bridge systems, Philips smart bulbs can also be activated by voice control and remote control.
  • After advanced cameras, televisions and telephones, these new generation bulbs have become very popular and you can try them in one room of your home or you can choose to install them as an integrated system in all rooms.
  • Whichever of these models you choose, which is highly appreciated by those who want to have an advanced lighting system in their home, you need to install and use it accordingly. Now we will discuss the features of the products in detail.
Philips Hue product review
Next Generation Systems

Bridge Lighting System

This system is installed with the help of a device called a bridge. If you buy the starter kit, it includes three smart bulbs, an installation device and two remote controls.

Installation is quite simple. Just choose which rooms you want to use this system in and install the device. You can either use it in a single room or in separate rooms. Through the application, you determine the light options according to the color circle.

There are also preset options for those who prefer ready-made color modes. After adjusting this system as you wish through the app, you can create a wonderful ambiance for yourself.

You can turn the lights on and off and adjust the brightness with the remote control. You can also control this system when you are not at home through the app. Another important point is that timers can be used through the app.

So when you wake up in the morning, the atmosphere you want is automatically created. You can also use different lighting when you go to bed at night. The system, which has extra details such as motion sensors and voice control feature, is very suitable for people who love innovations.

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Bluetooth Lighting System

You don't need to use a device to set up this system. This model has similar features to the Bridge lighting, but it is a bit more advanced. Thanks to the application, you can control the lights in the room one by one.

If you want the whole house to have an integrated system, you can always add an extra Bridge device. All you need to do to start the system is to plug in the lights, download the app and set the desired settings.

It is worth mentioning that both systems are available in white and color. The apps can be downloaded very easily from both the App Store and Android. The lampholders of the lights are designed to fit various chandelier models, so you won't need to buy an extra chandelier to try them out.

If you have a Philips TV, you can use these systems by integrating them into it. When we look at power consumption, we can state that they are very long-lasting and energy-efficient.

Hue Signe 2 philips 2 |

Why Should We Prefer This System?

This lighting system has many features that stand out compared to similar models. You do not have such a problem with these lighting systems, which have a decrease in light levels in color and color temperature changes.

The light level remains appropriate for each color. There are also no connection speed issues with this system. The connection speed problem seen in different models can make your daily life difficult.

This lighting system, specially designed by the brand, detects commands in a short time and can create exactly the environment you want. Finally, before we move on to the price, we should mention that the users are very satisfied.


If you want to buy the Bridge starter kit, the price varies between 1,200 and 1,700 liras, depending on the different sales channels. The fact that this product consists of three lights will be an advantage for you. However, you can also consider buying them individually if you wish.

When we look at the single price of Bluetooth-powered lights, we see that it varies according to different sales channels. label We see that it is between 349 and 529 liras.

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