Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish Coffee Machine – Review under 2 Main Headings

Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish coffee machine is among the best-selling home appliances of the last period. With the new generation technological products becoming more preferred, sales have increased. Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish coffee machine With its stylish design and different colors, it is a product that is loved by those who want all the home appliances in their kitchen to be suitable for aesthetic taste.

Founded in 1973 and awarded with the "Golden Effie First Prize" in the category of durable consumption awards, this product is among the innovative tools specially designed by the brand.

The fact that it is a locally produced tool puts it ahead of similar products from other brands. "If a cup of coffee lasts forty years, your kitchen lasts every day!" the brand set out with the slogan Suitable for Turkish taste to prepare coffee with plenty of foam.

Karaca is one of the leading brands in producing new generation home appliances.
Enjoy Delicious Coffee

Technical Specifications of Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish Coffee Machine

When we look at the technical specifications of the Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish coffee machine, we first see that the device has 535 W power.

The water capacity of this new generation technological household appliance is 300 milliliters.

The product is available in anthracite, glossy violet, cream, red, purple, purple, night blue, yellow color options.

There is an automatic temperature setting that ensures that the prepared coffees have plenty of foam.

It has a special anti-overflow system to prevent the coffee from overflowing.

There is an audible warning system to let you know when the coffee is ready and to save time by doing other things while the coffee is brewing.

Similarly, there is a light warning system designed to alert you when necessary.

LED light and Buzzer warned You can easily start making coffee using the start button.

The single-walled plastic coffee pot of the product is very easy to use and clean. This plastic coffee pot is made of quality material.

You can use the measuring spoon that comes with the machine to adjust exactly how many people you want to make coffee for.

With this machine you can prepare coffee for a total of five (5) people using standard (60 cc) coffee cups.

When we look at the dimensions of the product, we see that it measures 23 x 17 x 25 (Length x Width x Height).

The weight of this tool is one (1) kilogram.

The product is designed for making Turkish coffee only and cannot be used for the preparation of other types of coffee.

Finally, this product comes with a two (2) year warranty in line with the brand's own sales policy.

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Fills the Eyes with Different Color Options

Pros and Cons According to User Reviews


When we look at the user reviews of the Karaca Hatır Hüp Turkish coffee machine, the most important feature that those who have tried the product mention as a plus is related to its quality. Customers who think that this coffee machine is very high quality and long-lasting state that the product is much better than the models of other brands.

The product, whose sales have increased especially during the corona lockdown, is mostly ordered online. For this reason, we see in most of the user comments that the shipment of the product arrives very fast and the packaging is just as well done. In short, those who bought the product from the brand's own website seem to be very satisfied with both the packaging of the machine and the shipping speed.

The product, which provides a long-lasting use, allows you to make very delicious coffees with plenty of foam. It can be used frequently by coffee enthusiasts, especially because it helps you make coffee quickly.

Apart from this, one of the biggest advantages of the product in user reviews is its stylish design. With its LED illuminated start button and different color options, the number of people buying the product for their dowry or new home is quite high. In addition, women who are meticulous about the harmony of the items in their kitchen also buy this appliance with peace of mind.


When we look at the negative aspects of the product from user comments, the first issue that comes to our attention is the frequently broken start button. Users who say that the start button breaks down after a short period of use naturally complain a lot about this situation.

When we look at the comments again, another negative aspect of the product is that there is no solution when there is a problem with the product. In short, when your device breaks down, even if you give it to the service, you may not get a result as fast as you want. It is possible to say that the spare parts supply problems experienced in this regard also create a great negativity for the users.

Conclusion and Evaluation

If you love drinking Turkish coffee and want to make coffee in a practical way, you can choose this domestically produced device, which is in the middle level in terms of price performance.

With its stylish design and color options, you can buy the most suitable model for yourself and enjoy drinking delicious coffee.

At this point, it is worth remembering that the only thing that will worry you is the service problems that may occur if the product breaks down.

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