Rosemary Tea Benefits and Usage: At Least 5 Important Benefits!

Rosemary Tea Benefits and Usage: Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. Used as a spice and condiment in the kitchen, rosemary is also often used in body perfumes and alternative medicine treatments. Rosemary belongs to the mint family, along with many other herbs such as thyme, basil and lavender. Lamiaceae's is a member. In addition to the flavor it adds to dishes, it is also a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B-6.

Rosemary, a plant valued since time immemorial for its medicinal properties, has traditionally been used to relieve muscle and joint pain, improve memory, and strengthen the immune and circulatory systems. It is also known to be used for rapid hair growth. Read on to learn all about the benefits and uses of rosemary tea.

Rosemary Tea Benefits -
Rosemary Tea Benefits and Usage: At Least 5 Important Benefits! -

Everything about the benefits and use of rosemary tea!

Rosemary tea is rich in diterpenes, flavonoids, phenolic derivatives, glycosides and other phytochemicals. Thanks to these substances; It has a number of benefits such as helping to lose weight, strengthening memory, preventing cancer and regulating the digestive system. The list of all these benefits is just below:

1. Alzheimer's and mental health disorders

Rosemary tea was the first herb used by traditional or alternative medicine to strengthen memory, increase mental strength and prevent memory loss. This can be easily understood from historical sources. Alzheimer's is a condition that causes severe dementia and the deterioration of neuronal cells in people suffering from it.

Rosemary tea can be good for health problems such as Alzheimer's as it has diterpenes that inhibit neuronal cell death and exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

2. Helps to lose weight

Those who wonder if rosemary tea makes you lose weight: Yes, rosemary tea can help with weight loss. The phytochemical components of this tea inhibit the activity of lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fats to produce lipids. Since lipase is inactive, you will feel fuller and therefore avoid unnecessary eating.

3. Supports cancer treatment

The effectiveness of rosemary on breast cancer has been demonstrated in various scientific studies. Thanks to certain compounds, such as rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid, rosemary tea can be used as an additional supplement in cancer treatment and can also prevent the onset of cancer in various organs. These chemicals are powerful antioxidants and can protect your cells from free radical damage, preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

Rosemary Tea Benefits
Rosemary Tea Benefits and Usage: At Least 5 Important Benefits! -

4. Stress and anxiety management

Various psychological disorders such as depression, stress and anxiety, which are touted as the disease of our age, can be controlled with various herbal teas. One of the most effective of these herbal teas is undoubtedly rosemary tea. Therefore, by including an herbal tea such as rosemary tea in your diet, you can create significant and positive changes in your stress and anxiety.

This is because rosemary tea contains components such as ursolic acid and rosmarinic acid, which exhibit antioxidative and antidepressant effects. These components help you fight stress and manage burnout and anxiety. Unlike steroidal drugs, which have serious effects, rosemary tea works effectively on your brain and hormones, increasing your tolerance levels and relaxing you.

5. Protects eye health

Although the number of scientific studies supporting the relationship between rosemary tea and eye health is small, the evidence suggests that some of the compounds in the tea may benefit the eyes. Some scientific experiments on animals have found that adding rosemary extract to other treatments slows the progression of age-related eye diseases (AREDs).

Another study looked at adding rosemary extract to common treatments such as antioxidant combinations of zinc oxide and other AREDs. And it concluded that it helps slow age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a common condition that affects vision.

In other experimental studies, rosmarinic acid in rosemary has been found to delay the onset of cataracts - the gradual opacity of the eye leading to blindness - and reduce the severity of cataracts. It is important to note that most studies on rosemary and eye health have been conducted using concentrated extracts.

Because we are not getting pure rosemary extract into our body system, this makes it difficult to determine what effects rosemary tea can have and how much you need to drink to get these benefits.

Rosemary Tea
Rosemary Tea Benefits and Usage: At Least 5 Important Benefits! -

Other important benefits of rosemary tea

Other potential benefits of the compounds in rosemary tea include

  • May benefit heart health: One scientific study found that rosemary extract reduced the risk of heart failure after a heart attack.
  • It can promote digestion: Rosemary extract is sometimes used to treat indigestion, but research on this use is lacking. Nevertheless, rosemary is thought to support digestion by keeping intestinal bacteria in balance and reducing inflammation.
  • Accelerates hair growth: Although some claim that using homemade rosemary tea accelerates hair growth, research on this subject is also not sufficient. However, some studies have shown that if rosemary oil or extract is applied to the scalp, can reduce hair loss foresees.


It's no wonder that rosemary tea is such a beneficial herb! Drinking rosemary tea - or even just smelling it - can benefit your mood, brain and eye health. It can also help prevent oxidative damage, which can lead to numerous chronic diseases. However, if you take any medication regularly, you may need to consult your doctor about any interactions with rosemary tea.

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