8 Ways to Increase Your Motivation in the Morning!

Are there days when you don't want to get out of bed in the morning? This is probably because of an important exam, a meeting you don't want to go to, or any task you can't find the energy or desire to do. On that day when you cannot find enough energy and self-confidence, having to get out of bed may seem like a cruelty. But did you know that you can muster enough energy and motivation to tackle these tasks? Here are the things to do before a difficult and busy day, in full detail in our article…

1- Sleeping pattern is more important than anything else

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Whether you get a proper night's sleep or not is the most important factor that determines your energy and motivation during the day. Therefore, it is important that there are no stimulating factors such as light, sound or bad smell in the place where you sleep. Because anything that can trigger you in sleep will disrupt your deep sleep and REM sleep phase and reduce your sleep quality. These stimulating factors are the main reason why you feel tired when you wake up in the morning, as if you haven't slept at all. Therefore, make sure that the room you sleep in is quiet, dark and airy.

2- Open the curtains immediately

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The circadian rhythms of all living things depend on sunlight. Life in nature begins with sunlight. It is very difficult to wake up in a dark room with the curtains closed because when the body sees the darkness, it thinks that it is still night and your biological clock does not allow you to get up. Therefore, open your windows and let sunlight and oxygen enter your room so that your body can understand that it is awake and adjust its biological clock. In addition, sunlight is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D. Vitamin D; It protects bone health and the immune system in the body. This situation also indirectly affects your psychology.

3- Make a list of what you need to do during the day

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Take notes of the tasks you will do during the day and put them in order. Because when people proceed according to a plan, they feel less stressed and pressured, and this makes it easier for them to handle things. People are also pretty good at making excuses and being forgetful. They have endless valid reasons not to do anything they do not want to do or are too lazy to do, and they can even deceive themselves with these false reasons. Creating a to-do list always protects you from the harms of laziness, excuses and forgetfulness.

4- Meditate

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Meditation and breathing exercises; It protects you from anxiety and its faithful friend, stress. If you are going to start a busy day, close your eyes, empty your mind, relax your muscles and breathe deeply, focus on your power source and get strength from it. This power supply; It could be a dream of a beautiful future, or it could be a bad memory from the past. The important thing is to have something to motivate you. You can determine this.

5- Have a good breakfast

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The only source of our energy is food and drinks. In addition, the vitamins and minerals contained in these foods also have metabolic and psychological effects on us. That's why your breakfast shouldn't consist of just snacking on two or three things. Have your breakfast regularly, balanced and adequate. Even support your body with multivitamin supplements if possible.

6- Choose an upbeat morning song for yourself

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Now that we have nourished the body, it is time for music, which is the nourishment of the soul. Choose a lively and energetic piece for yourself or prepare a playlist. Listening to music in the morning has anxiety-relieving and stress-relieving effects. Additionally, sound helps you wake up and makes you happy.

7- Take a shower with cold water

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Take a shower in as cold water as you can stand. Cold water accelerates your metabolism, improves your sleep and makes your body like steel, so to speak. As a result of the startle caused by cold water, it causes the activation of some hormones such as adrenaline in the brain. These hormones open your mind, solve your concentration problems and provide motivation. In short, it can be said that cold shower is a natural doping method.

8- Try to take a walk

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A light jog in the early hours of the morning; It keeps your body filled with energy. Because the body manages itself through chemical reactions. Any physical activity you do will cause chemical reactions in the body, that is, the secretion of hormones. These secreted hormones will provide you with all the energy, focus and clarity of mind you need.

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