9 Methods to Make Your Digestive System Work Like Clock!

How to Improve the Digestive System?

Digestive system disorders are one of the most common health problems today. If you experience pain in your stomach and intestines when you consume foods that are difficult to digest, your digestive system is probably not working properly. There are some methods and practices to strengthen your digestive system and avoid these pains and discomforts. For example, if you lie on your left side while sleeping, your blood circulation will accelerate and the digestion process will be easier. Interestingly, even your emotional state can affect this disorder. Research shows that stress and anxiety negatively affect the digestive system, and on a particularly stressful day, you have probably experienced stomach pain. So what can we do to make our digestive system work like clockwork? We will examine this issue in this article.

1. Sleep on your left side

Sleep Lying on the Left

The stomach and pancreas organs are one of the most important parts of this system and are located on the left side of the body. Sleeping on your left side allows the food in your stomach to travel more easily to your small intestine. It also increases the production of pancreatic enzymes responsible for grinding food. Lying on the left also relieves reflux disease symptoms.

2. Consume Fiber Foods

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Consume Fiber Foods

Fiber is the most essential nutrient for your intestines to function properly. Most foods containing high fiber are extremely low in sugar, calories and fat, so they are extremely healthy foods. Foods such as oats, dried apricots and apples are the main sources of fiber. You should also add yeast foods to your menu. Some dairy products and pickles contain beneficial bacteria (probiotics) helps regulate your intestines.

3. Stay Away from Foods That Are Difficult to Digest

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Stay Away from Foods That Are Difficult to Digest

The digestion time of food may vary from food to food. Fast food foods such as hamburgers and pizza are fatty and difficult to digest, so they cannot be digested for hours and cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable. These types of foods can cause stomach cramps and gas and thus affect our quality of life. It can even distract us from the work we do. For this reason, we can protect our health by consuming fermented foods along with fruits, vegetables and fat-free meat instead of fast food.

4. Eat Sitting

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Eat Sitting

Never eat while walking, because our feeling of satiety decreases for no reason while walking. This may cause us to overeat. If we eat while sitting, our blood circulation is more stable, so the body knows its balance and gives signals of satiety. The healthiest way to eat; The old style is to eat cross-legged. The reason is that the blood pressure in our heart decreases and digestion becomes easier.

5. Drink plenty of water

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Consume plenty of water

Consuming plenty of water allows the food we consume to be digested more easily, and the nutrients broken down by water are more easily absorbed by our body. Contrary to popular belief, it is good to drink water while eating. Water is the main nutrient that is also good for constipation. Consuming plenty of water has many benefits besides facilitating digestion. Perhaps the first treatment method you will follow for all diseases on earth is to drink plenty of water.

6. Do Yoga

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Do Yoga

Yoga increases your blood circulation. Increasing blood circulation facilitates digestion, so you can do stretching exercises for at least 20 minutes every day. For example, the Marichyasana movement, in which you lift one leg up by bending it at the knee and bend the upper body, facilitates the digestion of food; It stimulates certain organs in the body and also relieves stress, which is one of the biggest sources of indigestion.

7. Do not deviate from your meal times

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Don't be surprised by your meal times

Our body has a routine, this is called "biological clock". If you break this clock; The entire balance of your body is also disrupted, so avoid irregular eating and irregular sleeping hours. Eating irregularly or sleeping irregularly has too many negative effects on your body to count. Simply put, it can make you fat.

8. Get Rid of Stress

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Get Rid of Stress

Stress has many negative effects on every part of our body. The body directly senses the pressure and slows down digestion. This causes bloating, which makes us very uncomfortable and even constipated. Strangely enough, in some cases, it has the opposite effect and causes us to have diarrhea.

If you are under a lot of stress, the first thing you should do is meditate, so you will avoid stress and its negative effects.

9. Practice Breathing Exercises

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Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are an important practice to prevent excessive food consumption, regulate your biological clock and relieve stress. The only steps you need to follow are: Breathe into your lungs for 4 seconds, hold the breath in your lungs for 7 seconds, and release all the air you took into your lungs for 8 seconds. It is enough to repeat this exercise 4 times.

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