Spatiphyllium (Sailflower) Care

Also known as sail flower spathiphyllum plant white blooming green leaves tropical It is a type of plant. Spatiphyllium flower does not like direct light, but it photosynthesizes in a bright environment. Direct light harms the plant. Since this plant tends to turn towards sunlight, you should rotate the plant's pot occasionally. However, at this point you need to be careful not to disrupt the balance and structure of your plant. 

spathiphyllum plant Since it is a tropical plant that is easily damaged by air currents, it should not be kept in very hot or cold environments. The soil should be fed with vitamin and mineral supplements at least twice a year. You can repot the plant in May, when the heat starts. The height of the plant, which likes sunlight very much, can be between 40 and 100 centimeters. The stem of the spathiphyllum plant, which blooms bright and elegant white flowers, grows slowly and this plant loves water very much.

How to Care for Spatiphyllum?

Temperature Factor

The temperature at which this plant is happiest is between 18 and 20 degrees, the tropical temperature range. In winter, temperatures around 15 degrees will not be a problem. Even though it is a cold-resistant plant, when it is placed in a place with a temperature much below or above this value, the leaves and roots of the flower are damaged, which exhausts and kills the plant. If you place it in your living room, it will live happily at room temperature in summer and winter.

Irrigation Factor

This plant loves water very much, but you should water the plant at a minimum level in the winter when the weather is cold. In summer, on the contrary, you should give more water as the plant's need for water will increase. It would not be right to give your plant cold water from the tap, especially in winter; irrigation water should be at room temperature. Otherwise the plant will go into shock. Water should be poured all over the soil and the plant should always be watered the same amount. Unless your plant grows very fast or shrinks in a short time, you should not change the container, size and amount of water you use for irrigation. Spatiphyllium plant is resistant to cold and is not easily damaged by cold. It generally blooms white in the hot days of summer and goes into rest mode by shedding its flowers towards winter. Fading flowers and yellowing leaves should be pruned with a pair of scissors.

Humidity Factor

The areas where the plant grows healthiest are tropical places with an average humidity of 70 percent. If the ambient temperature is to be increased, the amount of humidity should be increased proportionally. If you live in a climate with high humidity, this plant can survive quite happily.

Sun Factor

Although the spathiphyllum plant is a species that likes light, you should prevent it from exposure to direct sunlight. His favorite places are bright areas without direct sunlight. Since this plant generally tends to turn towards the light, the sides of the plant that are not exposed to sunlight should be turned towards the light at least once a week. Otherwise, the leaves that do not see light will immediately begin to fade, turn yellow and fall off within a few days.

Spatifilyum bakımı
Spathiphyllum Flowers


During the development phase, it is necessary to give fertilizer to the plant to make it more vibrant and healthy. During this period, you can apply small amounts of fertilizer on average every 15 days or every 1 month. Once it reaches sufficient maturity and size, fertilizing it twice a year will be enough for your plant.

Soil Selection

This plant generally likes fibrous and sandy soils. Some grass to make the soil suitable for the plant, peatYou can make a mixture containing soil, humus and sand, or if you do not want to deal with this, you can buy ready-made soil enriched with natural nutrients. It would be better to do the soil change in the spring months of the year. When repotting your plant, which will grow a little more each year, it would make sense to choose a pot one size larger.

b314dd83aa975d6e1c6049b57fe0075b spatifilyum 1 |
Spathiphyllum Flowers

pot selection

Choosing the right pot for your plant is very important. If your plant does not bloom, the reasons may include not receiving enough light, too much water, and choosing the wrong pot. Especially if you choose a pot of the same size that will not be too big for your plant, you can make it bloom white flowers. If the pot is too large, your plant will spend its strength to fill the pot with its roots and will not have the opportunity to bloom.


This plant is among the long-lasting flower species. My spathiphyllum plant is 4 years old and is still growing and blooming. You can tell the flowers are starting to fade when you see your plant's beautiful white flowers turning green. After this, the flowers darken. Darkened flowers and yellowing leaves need to be cleaned. This way you can ensure that your plant continues to bloom.

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