Tchibo Electric Coffee Grinder

In my previous articles, I have written about the benefits for coffee enthusiasts and those who want to have a professional experience at home. Coffee core from the grinders Today, I wanted to introduce you to a slightly higher-end grinder specially designed by the Tchibo brand.

Tchibo The electric coffee grinder is a very suitable home appliance for those who want their home-made drinks to be much fresher. Although this grinder is more expensive than similar models, it is a product with quite different functions that will deserve its money.

Use an electric grinder for a professional coffee experience
Professional Experience

Features of the Tchibo Electric Coffee Grinder

With its stainless steel body and twenty-six different grinding levels, this is a far superior model to other coffee grinders.

Using your coffee grinder, you can adjust the dosage of ground coffee according to the number of cups, the desired weight or the grinding time. This takes your coffee experience to a much higher level.

If you want all the drinks you make to be much more flavorful and homogeneous, then you just need to use the quality conical shaped grinder of the mill.

Using this machine, you can make thick shots for French Press. You can also use the special setting to prepare espresso-based drinks. The product's integrated scale also helps you to set a more appropriate grinding level for the beverage you are preparing.

The capacity of the product is designed to hold four hundred grams of coffee beans. When we look at the collecting chamber, we can state that it is sized to hold one hundred grams of ground coffee.

This grinder is also easy to clean because it has a conical grinder with a funnel. You can grind your beans just the way you like them and have a flawless experience before you make yourself the drink of your choice.

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You can grind the beans as you like

Technical Information

The body of the product has black and silver colors. The reservoirs of the mill, which will add aesthetics to your kitchen with its stylish design, are transparent.

Since it is made of stainless steel material, it is possible to say that it is long-lasting. At the same time, when we look at its dimensions, we see that it is 14 x 35 x 23 centimeters in width, height and depth.

With the cleaning brush included in the box, you can clean the grinder as easily as you like. This electric grinder weighs approximately 2165 grams.

160 Watt power. The cable length is 125 centimeters and the price of the product is 1.299,00 liras on the brand's own website. It is worth noting that if you prefer to buy it during the campaign period, the price will decrease a little more.


When we look at the recommendations for use of the product, the first thing we encounter is the preservation of the aroma of the beans. If you want to keep the odor of the beans, it will be of great benefit to do the grinding process just before preparing your drink.

You can use the machine or moka potta It doesn't matter what you do, the important thing is that you grind it just before you drink it. Another recommendation concerns the grinding level. Unlike similar models, this mill allows users to set the level according to their taste.

With this mill, you can grind your beverage according to how you want to prepare it. In addition, the machine's integrated scale makes it easy for you to adjust the density of your beverage.

With the conical grinder, you can grind your beans homogeneously and adjust the amount of coffee yourself. If you want to improve yourself a little more in this field or want to give your loved ones a café professional experience, this grinder is for you.

You can buy Tchibo electric coffee grinder with peace of mind
New Generation Products

Considerations and Implementation

When using this grinder, you need to set the desired grinding level between 1 and 26 centimeters before filling the beans. This also prevents the beans from getting stuck in the grinder.

For example, you can set a quantity like this. Between 1 and 6 centimeters for espresso. Between 1 and 16 centimeters for standard drinks. For a tool like a French Press, between 16 and 26 centimeters for a coarse grind.

To adjust the quantity during the grinding process, you can choose according to the number of cups or the number of cups, or you can choose to adjust it manually.

If you prefer to adjust the quantity according to the number of cups, press the menu button until the cup symbol and 1 appear on the display.

You can use the plus or minus buttons to set the number of cups. There are start and stop buttons to start the process. The display will show the number of cups during the grinding time.

When the process is completely finished, three beeps sound and the display shows the number of ground cups. You must then remove the hopper from the appliance. Tap the hopper lid and walls to dislodge any dust adhering to them, turn the lid counterclockwise to remove it and use the coffee as desired.

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