Sword Flower Care

Flowers at home care If you are wondering what kind of soil this flower, which adds aesthetics to the decoration of the house with its different appearance, likes, what kind of plant food it needs or how it should be watered, you can take a look at the tricks I have compiled for you.

Before giving practical information about the care of the sword flower, it is useful to say that those who start growing plants at home for hobby purposes can also prefer such a species. Grow this flower DIY stores You can buy it ready-made or plant it in a pot yourself.

Care tips for the sword flower

Basic Information about the Sword Flower

This plant, which is known by many different names such as pasha sword, prophet's sword, is a tropical flower that started to be cultivated in West Africa. It got such a name because its long and thin leaves are sharp.

In some species, the leaves can reach over a meter in length. It is said that when planting this plant, which has an important place in African culture, or if you buy such a plant for the first time in your home, you should make a wish. It is believed that as the flower grows, your wish will also blossom.

This flower, which is easier to care for than many other plant species, will continue to decorate your home for a long time if you water it properly, feed it with the appropriate plant food and provide it with enough light.

When to Plant?

If you are knowledgeable and like to grow your own flowers from scratch, you can choose to plant this plant yourself instead of buying it ready-made.

At this point, we can say that there is no special time frame for such a process. In order for the plant to feel better and develop quickly, you can choose a period when the sunlight shines steeply.

The most important feature of this plant is that it develops according to sunlight. When it receives more sunlight, it develops very fast and when it is in the shade, its development almost comes to a standstill.

If you have another sword at home and are thinking of propagating it because it has produced offspring from the root, then you can also choose to gently remove the offspring during the soil change and plant it in another pot.

The most important thing you should pay attention to during planting is to place the plant in its place without damaging it, water it sufficiently and make sure that the soil is airy. As long as you pay attention to these, you can multiply as many times as you want.

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Pay Attention to Planting Time

Care Recommendations

One of the most important things to consider for this flower to thrive and feel happy is to place the pot in a well-lit place. If you don't want your plant to be spindly and weak, place it in a bright part of the house.

If you place it in a windy place, you should keep in mind that the elongated leaves will bend and the plant will be unhappy. For this reason, it will not be suitable to stand in a drafty place.

It is also very important to time the watering of the plant correctly. Otherwise, your sword may rot in a very short time. It is enough to water this flower twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. Since the plant leaves excess water in its saucer, you will not encounter any problems as long as you drain this water frequently.

If you are not sure when to water, check the soil of your plant and water when the soil is not moist. You should also keep in mind that the fading parts of your plant should be pruned regularly. You can also consider covering the exposed parts of the plant with wax or cold silicone.

The spring months, when your plant becomes lush, are also very suitable periods for repotting. Your flower will continue to grow rapidly in a large size pot. If you think your flower is not growing enough, you can also choose to give it a suitable vitamin.

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Make sure it gets sunlight

Tips and Tricks

If you want this plant to thrive, you should pay close attention to the humidity of the environment, the amount of light the room receives and the watering routine.

You can also take your plant outside in summer if you have the opportunity. If you consider taking it outside, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight. You should also remember to bring it inside when the weather gets cooler.

Whether this flower is poisonous or not is also among the most searched questions on the internet. When we look at the researches on this subject, we see that the plant is not poisonous. However, there is a small amount of poisonous substance in the juice of its leaves.

For this reason, the sword is not suitable for keeping in the presence of pets and children. If you have children or pets in your home, you should keep the sword under supervision.

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