Best Selling Baby Toys: Products Suitable for 6 Month Old Babies

Babies between the ages of three and six months no longer want to just lie in the nursery and stay where you left them. They want to release their energy and prove themselves to the outside world. I'm sure your baby still seems small to you, but it's time to buy toys that will contribute to their development. If you are curious about the fun and educational products that you can choose as a gift for your own baby or a relative's baby, you can take a look at our article.

Baby toys
Make Choices to Help Develop Intelligence

Things to Consider When Buying Toys for Babies

Do you want to buy a beautiful product for your baby and are confused by the dozens of varieties on the market? We have prepared some great alternatives to help you in this regard. However, before giving detailed information about them, we should mention what you should pay attention to when buying gifts for babies between the ages of three and six months. If you consider certain criteria, you can make great choices that will not pose any risk to their delicate constitution.

One of these criteria is that the first product you choose should not have soft or sharp tips. When you consider that three to six months olds tend to put everything they can get their hands on in their mouths, you will better understand why you need to be careful in this regard. There should be no inconvenience for them when they put the toy in their mouth. For this reason, you should not only look for a soft and sharp tip, but also for the ingredients.

If you are not sure that the products sold in the market are of good quality and do not pose a risk to health, check whether they have a CE certificate. There is no danger in products with this certificate, but if there is no such certificate, it is useful to eliminate it directly.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that the toy is cute. If you are wondering what this means, we can say that it is unfavorable for the mental development of the baby to encounter disturbing faces or shapes at a growing age. The objects they own during the learning phase can affect them for the rest of their lives.

When explaining the products you buy to individuals of this age, you should speak gently and make them follow your voice. In this way, you can be sure that he understands what you are telling him. Another criterion is to make your choices from products with more sound. Sound is important for them, remember.

You can also choose three-dimensional and colorful products and contribute positively to their intellectual development. You should also avoid buying products with small pieces. Finally, we recommend that you do not buy soft little balls, because if they put them in their mouths, they may choke.

The Most Suitable Toy Alternatives for Three - Six Month Babies


Teethers are ideal for your baby's teething period. You should definitely get one of these if you want your baby to get through this difficult period when their gums itch more easily. One of the most important benefits of these products is that they don't need to put foreign objects in their mouths when their teeth itch. It is thought that the risks in this regard will be minimized when they play with the teether.

Play Carpet

One of the favorite products of little ones who are three months old is play rugs. Depending on the type of these carpets, it is possible to play with them for quite a long time. These rugs with animal figures, city patterns or various objects on them are of great importance in developing the creativity of the baby who starts to be interested in the outside world. It is possible to say that they can also help them learn colors.

Rattling Ball

Different objects can be thrown into these balls, which are among the most popular audio products. These products, which are very useful for the development of intelligence, are frequently preferred by families as they attract the baby's attention and allow them to play longer. Your baby can play with these balls alone and release energy by running behind the ball.

Bathroom Products

Among these products that are used in the bathroom and make bathing fun, there are especially rubber duck figures. These rubber products, which can consist of various objects other than ducks, play a role in developing motor skills. If you want your baby to have fun and learn something while bathing, you can choose one of these products.

Wooden Books

Board books are used to teach reading habits. You can also use these books, which develop the baby's creativity and provide fun at the same time, while putting your baby to sleep. However, it is useful to be with your baby while playing with these books. Because he may try to put them in his mouth and chew them.


These products, which are stacked on top of each other to produce various things, also contribute greatly to the development of the baby's motor skills. You can also choose these products, which are also used in kindergartens, to teach colors and numbers.

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