Are Soaps Sold in the Market Harmful to Health? Natural Products with Unknown Aspects

We all go to the cleaning products aisle when we go to the market and buy ready-made soaps, perhaps without thinking too much about it. Soaps, one of the personal care products we consume most frequently, are now available in different flavors and features. These products, which are produced separately for the face, hands and body, also have versions that are good for acne or used for home cleaning. So, can these products have objectionable aspects for our health? In today's article, I am looking for the answer to this question for you and I examine natural soaps with unknown aspects. If you have question marks in your mind on this subject, you can take a look at our article immediately.

Questions You Can Answer

  • What are the ingredients of the products sold in supermarkets?
  • Are these products harmful to health?
  • Which brands should we prefer?
  • What is the difference between natural products?
  • What are the areas of use?

Are grocery store soaps a threat to our health?

Basic knowledge

Before examining the contents of ready-to-sell products in detail and looking at whether they are harmful for us, I wanted to touch on basic information. When we look at how these products that we use both at home and for cleaning our skin are produced, we see that ready-made hygiene materials are artificially produced in laboratories.

These fragrant products, which were produced by hand in the old days, are unfortunately made of chemicals today, even if they are marketed under the name of organic due to the increase in population and the transition to fabrication in the production process. In this case, it is not possible to say that they have herbal or organic components.

Since chemicals are used, they are not pure and can damage our skin. Among the problems they can cause are skin sensitivity, cracking, drying, irritation, redness, rosacea, itching, flaking.

Why Are Pure Products Better?

Ready-made products contain synthetic preservatives such as parabens. Since they are obtained through fabricated production, they are made by adding additives and such materials to ensure their longevity. Handmade and pure products are plant-based.

Such organic products contain glycerin. Since glycerin is one of the most important ingredients that preserves the moisture of the skin, it prevents our skin from drying out. In addition, the materials used to make ready-made products foam more are also very risky for human health.

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Do Soaps Sold in the Supermarket Threaten Our Health?

Now that we have briefly explained the difference between ready-made and handmade products, we can move on to the evaluation in terms of our health. When we move on to the issue of why ready-made products on the market can be harmful, it is possible to state that it is due to their content.

Additives used in production can cause breast cancer. Synthetic preservatives are very harmful for the health of both children and adults. Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is added to make hygienic products foam more, can even disrupt our hormone balance.

Also, one of the most important points to mention is the sodium hydroxide used in production. This ingredient is used to add organic substances such as olive oil to hygienic products. Thus, the products that are sold ready-made come in the form we use now.

In handmade and pure products, this substance is added by converting it into glycerin, so there is no harm to health. The way to recognize such a situation in a product is to look at the following ingredients. If you do not prefer handmade products, you can read the back of the label when you go to chain stores, and if the following ingredients are present, you can choose not to buy the product.

  • Sodium cocoate Coconut and sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium Palmate Palm oil and sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium Olivate Olive oil and sodium hydrocoside

Bonus Can we use it while washing our hair?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what happens if we wash our hair with these products. Although there are people who wash their hair in this way and get good results, what matters is the sensitivity of the hair, the products used before, the length of the hair, the structure of the skin and the quality of the water.

If the running water in your city is hard, your hair may be damaged. If your hair is very long, it may be more tangled and you may have problems brushing it. Apart from that, the ingredients in the product used can damage your scalp. For this reason, if you are going to wash your hair in this way, make sure you use pure products.

Are All Handmade Soaps Good Quality?

Finally, having said that ready-made products are harmful, we should mention that not all handmade versions are of the same quality. Products from different brands are not the same in terms of ingredients. You should always try to read the ingredients, learn how the product is made and get enough information.

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