Anthurium (Flamingo) Flower Care

Anthurium flower, also known as Flamingo flower, is a plant species native to the American continent. It occurs naturally in Mexico, Argentina and the Caribbean islands. This plant is available in white, pink and red varieties. to 80 centimeters It can grow up to . How to care for the Anthurium flower that adorns our homes with its colorful flowers? We reviewed it for you…

What is Anthurium Flower?

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The name Anthurium comes from Greek ”tail flower" It means. Names in everyday language flamingo painted tongue It is also said. It is a very long-lived plant if it is cared for regularly.

It has evergreen leaves and colorful flowers, and is also very long-lived. arachis belongs to the family. sail flower They are related to and look very similar to each other. Its aesthetic appearance causes us to see it frequently in homes and offices. Mostly red type Even though it is grown pink, white and green Varieties with different colors are also available.

What are the Types of Anthurium Flowers?

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more than 700 There are types. Species may differ from each other in terms of both their leaf and root structures. The most grown variety in Turkey Anthurium Andraeanum is the type. Netherlands and Germany Its production and various varieties are quite high in countries such as. These species are quite durable and, unlike other species, can remain in bloom throughout the year with good care.


  • It looks very aesthetic and is a good decorative item.
  • It can live quite long in a vase, so it makes a good display plant.
  • He loves water very muchFor this reason, it should be checked whether the soil is moist regularly.
  • Since it is a tropical plant, the temperature range in which it can grow most comfortably is It is 20-28 degrees. If you try to grow it below zero degrees, your plant will definitely die.
  • Direct sunlight burns the plantTherefore, it should be viewed in bright areas but not in direct sunlight.
  • Since it tends towards sunlight, the plant should be rotated at regular intervals, otherwise your plant will remain bent.
  • It does not like to stay in the wind, so be careful not to look at it in places with high air circulation.
  • You can change the pot and soil in spring, especially May is the best time for this.
  • It should never come into contact with other plants or objects.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements should be given twice a year, otherwise your plant will not be able to develop healthily.

How to Care for Anthurium Flower?

Maintenance is very easy, there are just a few things you need to pay attention to. We tried to explain those issues in detail for you.

1. Where should it be placed in the house?

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As we mentioned above, it does not like direct sunlight and its leaves get burned. Firstly not exposed to direct sunlight But keep an eye on the bright areas. Then this plant Doesn't like drafts at allFor this reason, another factor you should pay attention to when choosing a location is to care for your plant in places where there is not much air circulation. It is enough to consider these 2 factors when positioning your plant. It usually lives quite happily behind the scenes in homes and offices.

2. How Much Should It Be Watered?

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It loves water very much, but overwatering causes rot, as in every plant. In summer 1 time in 2 days, in other seasons 2 times a week Watering will be enough. It should be protected from extreme cold and heat. When watering, pour the water homogeneously, that is, covering all parts of the soil. When giving water, always give the same amount of water. Dried or yellowed leaves and flowers should be pruned with disinfected scissors. Also the plant loose soil and the flower pot drainage Good It should be because the plant needs to be able to drain excess water to prevent it from rotting. In addition, loose soil allows the plant to root faster and more easily.

3. How Does It Bloom?

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It usually blooms in the summer and goes into a dormant period in the winter. Enough for the plant to bloom vitamin and mineral support Natural fertilizers should be preferred especially in this process. When choosing a pot A pot should be chosen that is directly proportional to the height of the plant.. A pot that is too large or too small will cause the plant not to produce flowers. Apart from these, considering the above-mentioned factors in plant care and applying them is sufficient for your plant to bloom.

4. Why Do Its Leaves Turn Yellow?

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Excessive watering, inability to drain water, and constant water accumulation in the pot substrate cause the roots of the plant to rot, and as a result, the leaves of the plant turn yellow and fall off.

  • Since the plant's pot does not have good drainage, the leaves may turn yellow.
  • Constant contact of the plant with another plant or object may turn the leaves yellow.
  • If sufficient fertilizer support is not given, the leaves may turn yellow.
  • Diseases caused by fungi, worms and flies can turn the leaves yellow.
  • Direct sunlight can burn the plant and turn the leaves yellow.

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