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In my previous articles breathing techniques by applying or meditation And yoga Today, I wanted to tell you how you can relieve stress by using one of the most popular trends of recent times. Mandala drawings, which are also very interesting for those who want to start a new hobby, are actually a kind of coloring book for adults. In this relaxation technique based on coloring these drawings pastel or dry paints can be used.

If you need to relieve stress, feel more positive and make use of your free time, you can start such a hobby and hang your drawings on your walls. for the decoration of your home you can also contribute.

How to relax with a mandala -
Relaxation Techniques

Basic Information about Mandala

The mandala, which attracted more people during the corona period, is actually the name given to diagrams drawn by starting from the center point of geometric shapes. This technique, which has an important place in ancient Tibetan teaching, symbolizes that we are a very small point in the universe.

The mandala, which is also used as a meditation tool, aims to help people pass through certain stages of consciousness in their lives. While coloring these drawings, our awareness increases with the inner journey we make, we feel much more comfortable and at the same time we create our individual space.

This technique, invented by Siddharta Guatama, the founder of Buddhism, was first practiced as a meditation practice. Later, it was adopted by artists. This method, which is also the subject of paintings, is thought to be a very effective personal development practice.


Although the types of mandala vary according to different cultures, we can say that they are gathered under three headings. The first type is the instructive one. In this practice, the drawings are very symbolic. The shapes, lines and colors are thought to express philosophical systems. In this practice, it is thought that your mental power increases and your creativity skills improve while painting the shapes.

In the healing type of practice, the shapes are drawn in a more intuitive way and are generally thought to help those who have trouble focusing to concentrate better. You can use this type of practice to calm down and awaken your inner wisdom.

Finally, if we look at the application of sand, we see that this type of application is quite traditional. While painting these drawings, which symbolize the flow of human life with their intricate designs, we better understand how small we are in the universe.

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Pay Attention to Color Selection


Although these applications have different purposes, it is possible to say that they all have great benefits for us. These drawings, which both children and adults love to color, are seen as a kind of art therapy.

As you continue to color the drawings, you get away from the troubles of your daily life and find yourself in completely different lands. This application, which also increases your creativity, is thought to contribute to the recovery of people with chronic diseases.

When you paint these drawings, you can calm down and let go of your tension completely. If you have trouble focusing, you can increase your concentration and connect with your inner world. You can also try this practice when your emotions feel overwhelming.

Mandala painting is also thought to liberate our subconscious mind. When we think that the emotions and thoughts trapped in our subconscious make us sick, we better understand how beneficial this practice is. Even people who do not like coloring activities can feel better with this simple technique.

How to Draw?

If buying a coloring book and coloring these drawings is not enough for you, you can also try drawing yourself. To practice this technique, which is also a kind of freedom of artistic expression, you can start by preparing the necessary materials.

Then take your paper and place the center of the drawing in the middle. Then continue by drawing two lines that will divide the center vertically and horizontally. You should keep in mind that these lines will be guide lines and you should take care not to make them too dark.

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You can also hang it in your home

You can continue by drawing two more lines to divide the four main parts equally. Then you need to connect your drawing of eight pieces with various circles using a compass. It is important to make sure that the circles are not too close.

To complete your drawing, you can draw various patterns between two different sized circles. Then paint your drawing using your favorite colors, but remember that colors have certain meanings in drawing.

In this technique, red represents sensuality, power and our first chakra. Orange represents victory, development, energy and our second chakra. Yellow means willpower and innovation and represents our third chakra. Green is the color of hope and spontaneity, symbolizing the fourth chakra. Blue means seriousness and communication and represents the fifth chakra. Purple means creativity and represents the sixth chakra. White means harmony and refinement and represents the seventh chakra. Black means mystery and sadness.

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