Proplan Dog Food Types Review

Proplan dog food is one of the best-selling products on the market. Although there are many questions about the content of the food of the brand, which has a wide variety of products according to dog breeds and age, this product is frequently preferred in our country. I wanted to examine the dog food varieties of the proplan brand for you today. Now let's move on to the review of these foods that you can find in almost all veterinarians and petshops in our country.

Proplan formula review
Purina Dog Food

Brief Information About Proplan

Produced by the Purina brand and recommended by many veterinarians, these foods are produced by Nestle as the parent company. The budget ranges of the foods prepared with different ingredients according to specific breeds vary according to the ingredients used and the size of the foods.

We can state that there are many controversial situations regarding the content of these foods, which are thought to be good for pets with sensitivity and digestive problems. However, it is still worth mentioning that there are some people who do not prefer cereal foods before proceeding to a detailed content review. Because there are dog owners, including veterinarians, who like this food very much.

Content Review

The most suspicious thing about the ingredients of these foods is the corn, rice, wheat, chemicals and soy in them. People who pay attention to these criteria when choosing dog food do not prefer this food, which is also very low in protein. However, if you do not prefer to give your dog a food with a high protein content, you can try Proplan food varieties.

pro plan puppy sensitive digestion lamb 1 kg puppy open package z proplan 1 |
Special for Puppies

Special Options for Puppies

Proplan Puppy Sensitive Medium Dog

We wanted to examine the food suitable for puppies produced by the company as an example. When we look at the content of this food, we see that it contains 16 percent chicken, wheat, dried poultry protein, fat, gluten, 7 percent rice, soy, prebiotics, minerals, egg, fish oil and additives.

Ignoring the other ingredients, it is possible to say that the product contains 16 percent chicken. Although gluten-containing ingredients other than rice are not specified in detail, it is not difficult to understand that there is wheat in the formula.

A food with such an ingredient can be used for animals that usually have problems with dry food, do not have weight problems and are not suitable for feeding too much protein. It is possible to say that there are many comments that it causes weight problems in other pets.

Options Suitable for Adults and Dogs of Different Breeds

The brand produces a lot of food for adults and different breeds. However, we can't say that the content of these foods is very different from the content of puppy foods. Most of the adult foods contain 15 percent meat. The type of meat can vary depending on whether the food is lamb, fish or chicken.

However, regardless of the type of meat in the food, the presence of poultry protein in all products is a negative. This ingredient is difficult to digest and can cause allergies in dogs. Similarly, almost all of these foods contain animal fat.

These animal fats are derived from poor quality fats. This can cause skin problems in sensitive dogs. The fact that the food contains gluten is another negative point. Considering that many people suffer from gluten allergies, it's not hard to understand that this can't be good for dogs either.

pro plan adult small 3 kg small breed adult dog food with salmon and rice z proplan 2 |
Special for Adult Small Breed Dogs

The corn and rice in the products can also cause dogs with weight problems to gain weight very quickly. If you have tried these foods for your dog for a certain period of time and there is no problem, you may prefer to continue using them, but if your dog gains weight rapidly over time, it may be due to the food.

Finally, let's take a look at the soy products in the food. We can state that this ingredient is not beneficial for animals. Soy products in food, combined with chemical additives, can be harmful to the health of dogs in long-term use.


When we examine the ingredients of the food in detail, we see that it contains substances that are likely to be not beneficial for the health of the dog. Many studies show that this brand's products can cause problems in long-term use. However, since it is one of the most consumed and satisfied foods in our country, if your dog does not have a sensitivity, health problem or allergy, you can continue to try and use the food. Because these results vary from dog to dog.

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