Redoxon Kids: Resistance Booster for Children

With the cooling of the weather and the opening of schools, the disease season of children has also started. Colds and flu, especially colds and flu, affect the lives of young people negatively and cause a lot of distress to their families. But you can prevent this situation by using supplementary vitamins such as Redoxon. Today, I have reviewed the most preferred Redoxon Kids tablets for you in our country. You can take this supplement containing both vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to protect your children. Let's see how this product is used and what it protects our children from.


  • It contains vitamin C and D and zinc.
  • It is an immune booster.
  • It is chewable.
  • It tastes delicious with strawberry, orange and papaya flavors.
  • Suitable for all children over 4 years old.
  • Suitable for regular consumption.
  • The price is 85 liras.

Your children are under protection with Redoxon Kids
Healthy lifestyle

Details about Redoxon Kids

This product, which is used especially during the seasonal transition periods, is produced by Bayer. Imported from Germany. Suitable for all children over 4 years of age. Between 4 and 10 years of age, it is used as 2 tablets a day. Those over 11 years of age can take a maximum of 3 tablets a day.

The chewable form helps young people to consume this product like candy and not like medicine. They use it without objection because it tastes delicious. The product contains glucose syrup, sugar and bovine gelatin. In this respect, it is unfortunately not suitable for vegan and vegetarian individuals. It is produced using Maltodextrin, a type of sugar derived from starch.

Carmine and curcumin are used as colorants. The ingredients do not pose any harm to health. However, if you are sensitive about your child's sugar consumption, it is useful to be careful.

The product contains 60 milligrams of vitamin C, 10 micrograms of vitamin D and 5 milligrams of zinc. No information on sugar content is given. Made with orange, strawberry and papaya flavorings. It also contains beeswax and carnauba as rinse aid.

We can say that it has a Halal certificate in religious terms. Pork products are not used in production. The added gelatin is produced from cattle. When we look at the values, we see that one tablet of the drug is equivalent to two tangerines, a handful of pumpkin seeds and two egg yolks. So it is very nutritious.

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Healthy lifestyle


This food supplement supports children's immunity. With its advanced formula, it makes growing individuals much more resilient. It strengthens skin health with its vitamin C values and helps their development as it contains collagen.

It supports bone and muscle health with its vitamin D values. It also contributes to nail, hair, eye and brain development with zinc. It is known to prevent problems such as colds and flu infections that are common during the corona period and school time.

User comments

We see that people who use the product are generally very satisfied. Although families are careful about their diet, sometimes it is very difficult to get some minerals from food. In this respect, they think it is useful to use such products.

This product, which minimizes the risk of infection in cold weather, is also very suitable for those who do not like swallowed medicines. The fact that it is consumed by chewing makes it stand out from similar versions. We can say that the opinions of those who consume it in general are also supportive of this.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it Safe to Use Every Day?

It is safe to use this supplement every day. However, only the prescribed dose should be used.

Can Diabetes Patients Also Use It?

This product contains sweetener. Diabetes patients can use such products with sweeteners. However, if you still want to be completely sure, you can get information from your doctor and start consuming in that way.

Can Pregnant and Nursing Mothers Use it?

Although this product is not intended for adults, it is also suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, it is worth noting that there are products with special formulas for them. Always consult your doctor in this regard.

Does it contain gluten?

This product contains a very low amount of Gluten. According to the Turkish Food Codex, it is also suitable for those with gluten sensitivity.

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