5 Principles of Yoga that Lead to Happiness

Happiness is just a step away, it is up to you to reach it.

Yoga, which has been a part of human life for thousands of years, has become a very popular topic today. When it comes to this topic, everyone has questions about whether it is a sport, whether it can make us thinner or whether it really works. In today's article, we will tell you what the practice really means and how you can be happy by incorporating this teaching into your life.

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What Does the Teaching Tell Us?

The main goal of yoga, which literally means terms such as unity and unity consciousness, is thought to be enlightenment. With these practices, it is possible for people to become enlightened, to attain unity consciousness and to become more aware in their life journey. Of course, in order to do all this, dedication, perseverance and discipline are of great importance.

Considering that the biggest problem of our modern age is stress, tension and feeling stuck, it's not hard to understand why yoga is becoming increasingly popular. We all want to live in the moment, have fun, get rid of the feeling of being stuck and be happy. For this, we look for a source of light in the chaos. This is one of the most powerful of these sources of light.

As with many different ancient practices, it would not be wrong to say that these practices have different methods. In fact, when we enter this field, we can describe the information we encounter as a sea of information. But when we briefly look at the basics, we can get to the essence of the teachings and we can settle the application process in our minds without getting lost in the complex information in this field.

First of all, if you are thinking of starting this practice, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the teachings and understand the spiritual dimension of the practices before moving on to the practical poses. Because the poses, in other words asanas, are useful with their spiritual meaning, and they promise to guide us in our lives.

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You can seize the moment and take a step towards happiness.

First of all, I want to talk about five basic principles.

1. Physical Body

According to these teachings, we all have a physical body, a material side. In order for these physical bodies to really blend into life and experience emotions intensely, people need to go beyond the limits of the physical body. Otherwise, our perception of happiness will be based only on our physical bodies and it will be impossible to achieve awareness. Let's not forget that our outer world is made up of physical bodies just like us, but happiness should not be sought in the material dimension.

2. Life Force

According to these teachings, we have a life force one step beyond our physical bodies. At this point, it is not difficult to guess that what is referred to as the life force is referred to as the soul in different sources. If we are on a quest for happiness, we need to begin to understand our life force beyond our physical body. To understand this, of course, we first need to be aware of it. However, this teaching, which takes into account that our life force also has certain limits, states that pure happiness cannot be achieved through life force alone, and immediately directs us to another fundamental teaching.

3. Body of Mind     

Nowadays, we hear many people say "my body is old, but my soul is young". Although this sentence makes us all smile at first, of course our minds are immediately thrown into chaos and we can panic that our minds are aging even though our souls remain young. This is where the teachings come in again and say that our minds, the body of the mind, are not a criterion for happiness. Therefore, we need to go beyond our brains.

4. Mental Body

According to these teachings, the so-called mental body refers to people's conscience. Our mental bodies, which enable us to distinguish between good and evil, can help us navigate between impulses and thoughts, and can sometimes annoy us. Therefore, although it is important to be virtuous, there is no point in seeking pure happiness in one's mental body.

5. Body of Happiness

We've explained the basic principles of these teachings one by one, and now we've come to the point where we're going to show the connection between yoga and happiness. According to the teachings, the concept of the bliss body actually refers to pure inner happiness. In other words, since our inner happiness is not dependent on anything outside, there is no question of it disappearing or diminishing. With practice, we can access our bliss body, which already exists within us, and enjoy the peace within the tranquility.

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Explore your limits.

The Basic Rules of Happiness

So now I will briefly explain the basic rules that you can apply to increase your awareness and be happy.

1. Remember that happiness is not outside.

2. Practice yoga in a disciplined way.

3. Seize the moment with meditation and breathwork.

4. Stop judging people and yourself.

5. Trust the flow of life and your own journey.

It is as simple as that. This ancient teaching gives us a very short and concise road map to be happy. It is up to us to apply it or not...

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