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The opening of schools has arrived. Families started to think about the materials they will buy for their children. One of the stationery items that both school and art enthusiasts who love to paint often buy are crayons. In today's article, I wanted to compile the best crayon brands for you.

If you're wondering what kind of crayon to choose when you're school shopping, here's how to choose a new crayon hobby If you are thinking of starting to paint or if you have decided to make a change and paint your mandala drawings with a different paint, you can take a look at my article. If you pay attention to these tricks, choosing crayons will be much easier for you.

Choose the best crayon brands
Be Careful When Choosing

Basic Information About Crayons

Crayons are one of the most common types of paint used by both professionals and those who paint in school classes. Before I tell you about the best brands you can buy, I wanted to talk about the basics of this paint.

When we look at how these paints are made, we can actually say that the paint is actually sticks made of pigments. Before buying this paint, which has quite different types, we need to know its properties according to its types.

Dry Pastel

These pastels are like chalk and are made without adding much binder during production. They have a powdery texture and the colors are quite intense. You can use them when you want the colors to be more vibrant.

You can find hard or soft dry pastels in stationery stores. They can be used to create both details and lines.

Oil Pastel

These pastels are cylindrical and made from a mixture of pigment and oil. This type of pastel is much more popular and frequently used by children. If you dilute this paint with turpentine, you can also use it as oil paint.

You can choose it to emphasize the colors in paintings where you do not use a brush. In addition, if you complete your painting with a stabilizer after using this paint, you can be sure that your painting will remain intact for a long time.

Usage and Tips and Tricks

You can apply pastels according to the technique you want. To get the most out of this type of paint, which both adults and children love to use, you should go over the colors several times to make them clearer.

Also, when using this paint, your painting will be much more beautiful if you make the painting progressively from darker to lighter tones. Finally, you can distribute this paint on the paper after it comes into contact with the paper, but it should be said that if you play too much, the colors will be distorted.

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School Shopping


Now that we have explained the basics about pastels, we can move on to the best brands. These paints, which are frequently preferred in the preschool period, are produced by brands such as Craft and Arts, Stabilo, Monami, Faber Castell and Giotto.

The quality, colors, types, sizes and prices of the paints produced by the brands are of course different from each other. If you want to get more detailed information on this subject and choose the most suitable product for yourself or your child, you can take a look at the suggestions I have compiled.

Craft and Arts

The shades of these paints with CE certificate are very vivid. You can be sure that these products, which can be easily applied to different colored papers, do not contain any substances harmful to human health. Especially if you are looking for a smooth and soft paint, you can buy paints of this brand. These pastels The price varies between 10 and 40 liras, depending on the different sales channels.


The pastels produced by Monami, one of the most comprehensive brands in terms of color options, are among the products that children also love. Since they do not require extra time to dry, they are also popularly used in schools. In addition, these paints, which can be applied on different papers, do not crack or break. Prices vary between 13 and 60 liras, depending on different sales channels.

Faber Castell

The pastels of this brand, which attracts attention with its quality products, have a wide range of colors. They have proven to be suitable for children in terms of their structure and content. If you are going to use a large area or make a large painting, you can easily choose these products. These paints are resistant to matting and do not harm health. Prices vary between 18 and 45 liras, depending on different sales channels.


The products of this brand are striking in terms of color tones, are homogeneous, spread well on paper and leave no residue. In terms of their properties, they are suitable for use by both children and adults. These paints you can create new colors and work on fine details easily. Prices vary between 30 and 70 liras, depending on different sales channels.

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