Fishing Equipment: 6 Equipment for Beginners

Fishing Supplies: Fishing is a great way to spend time. Getting away from the city (if you're in Istanbul, you can also go fishing in the heart of the city) is the perfect activity to relax and maybe catch some fish for dinner. If you've never tried it, we highly recommend you do it. But before you go fishing, there are a few things you should have in your tackle box. If you're a beginner, buying fishing gear can be overwhelming. 

There are many fishing rods, reels, fishing gear and accessories that you can find in the market. Each with their own unique characteristics… Anglers who angle or fish hook are accustomed to walking around with a full load of fishing gear; However, each box may contain some different materials other than your traditional fishing rods and reels.

Below are the fishing equipment that fishermen can and should have in their arsenal. Thanks to these materials and equipment, how fishing and you can have a clearer idea of where to start.

Fishing Equipment for Beginners

1. Fishing Rod and Reel

Fishing Equipment
You are the fishing rod –

Fishing rods are thin rods made of flexible yet durable material (usually fiberglass or graphite) that allow you to reach deeper into the water. They are divided into various classes according to their durability, equipment, movements (bending) and sharpness. Choosing the right rod for you will depend on your type of fishing. If you are just starting out, you can choose a medium strength fishing rod to catch different types of fish.

Medium strength fishing rods react sufficiently so that you can easily feel when the fish bites the bait; It allows you to quickly pull fish from the water. A fishing rod should ideally be about 30 centimeters longer than your height. As for the fishing reel… A reel is a piece of equipment you will use to help you reel in your fishing line and attract your catch. 

The reel has a lightweight structure, is affordable and very easy to use. Spinning reels, in particular, are great options for fishing from shore, from a pier, or from a boat. When fishing in shallow dock waters, a long rod will be enough to catch a small fish. However, there are also many budget-friendly Spincast rod and reel combinations that you can choose to get started with the basics.

2. Fishing rope – fishing line

Olta ipi
Fishing line –

You probably already know you'll need a fishing rod. In fact, the fishing rod comes with a reel, but you should still have extra reels with you. It is normal and common for fishing lines or fishing line to become tangled or broken due to getting caught in logs or being bitten by a particularly strong game fish.

Therefore, you may need a variety of simple ropes of different strengths and weights, or lines specially designed for fishing. Many are classified according to their quality, visibility and flexibility – all of which vary in strength depending on what type of fish you are after.

Harsh environmental conditions require heavier and stronger fishing lines, while clear waters typically require clear, thin and clear fishing line (such as braided fishing lines) to prevent fish from escaping. You may also want to try monofilament ropes, which are user-friendly and easy to knot. Remember that your reel should never have less than 300 feet of line.

3. Hook

Hook –

Besides fishing rods, you will definitely need a variety of fishing hooks to catch fish of different sizes. These hooks are attached to the fish's mouth or body, allowing you to hold the caught fish. There are also various types of hooks such as single, double, circle and treble. However, if you are new to fishing, it is best to start with single hooks. Sizes range from 32 (smallest) to 19/0 (largest). 

4. Fish food

Balık yemi
Fish food –

Fishing bait is tied to the end of the line to attract fish. The best option is usually live bait. Again, different types of fish are attracted to different types of food. The two most common and effective live baits are; They are worms and small freshwater fish. Additionally; There are also many other feed options such as maggots, corn grains, crushed bread, etc. You can buy live bait from your local bait shop or collect worms yourself. (Of course, if you can)

5. Artificial bait

Yapay yem
Artificial bait

Fishing baits are basically artificial baits designed to mimic real fish to attract fish. Anglers keep these in their fishing gear in case they run out of live bait or prefer to use only plastic, non-moving baits. For some, diversity of bait makes it easier for them to catch certain species of fish and allows them to be successful in different weather and water conditions.

For example, light colored baits are ideal for sunny days and clear waters, while dark colored baits are used on cloudy days and murky waters. Two-tone plastic worms (with a dark head and bright tail color) are also great for murky waters. Plastic worms – especially those with long tails – often sea bass If you are trying to keep it, it will be very useful.

6. Buoy (Bobber)

Şamandıra (bobber)
Buoy (bobber) –

Floats help keep your fishing bait closer to the surface And It notifies you when a fish is approaching food. When a fish bites the bait you will see the float sink and this will be your signal to reel in your catch. This important role makes floats an essential part of your fishing tackle arsenal.

But you also have a few options when it comes to buoys. Traditional ones are made of cork with a rod inside so you can easily tie them to your fishing rod. The most popular and widely used are the round red and white plastic ones. Because these buoys are easy to attach to the line, they can limit how deep you can reach. 

In addition to these, there are also long glide bobbers that you can slide up and down and can help you insert your hook deeper. Do not make the mistake of purchasing too large a bobber. It is important to have a float (bobber) that floats but will sink when a fish takes the bait, so it is better to take smaller and more responsive ones.

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